A SoMoClo™ Evening: Social Mobile Cloud – A BostonTweetUp Review


This past Friday night from 6-8pm Mass Challenge hosted a meet up event bringing together various start-up companies and well established businesses. The three focal points of the night were; social, mobile and cloud. This event had a panel of four experts in these areas to answer attendees questions in an open forum style atmosphere. Many interesting questions arose, a reoccurring topic was the future. It was discussed what the future of the cloud was to evolve into. Beverages were provided, along with great feedback from the panel on peoples questions regarding there business and programming ideas.

What it’s all about?

SoMoClo stands for social, mobile and cloud. Social Mobile and Cloud are one thing, not three – hence the name: SoMoClo. Cloud is the core, mobile its edge, and social the connections between endpoints. It places the disruptive technologies that are transforming businesses in context, and describes the technical and services infrastructure needed to provide that ideal end-user experience where everyone’s connected (social), everywhere they go (mobile), and have access to data when they need it (cloud).

Where was it?

The event was held at an ideal location in the Seaport District where multiple start-up companies offices are located. This drew in a crowd of 50+ people attending the event. This was day two of a three day event occurring at this location.

What happened at the event?

In the beginning of the meet-up the host asked the panel members for their view points on the three subjects at hand. As the night progressed the attendants began participating at an accelerated rate asking questions revolving around social, media and cloud.

More information:

Short URL : http://bit.ly/BTUrSMCl