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JoselinMane Joselin Mane is a passionate Internet marketing consultant with more than 20 years of computer technology experience complemented by nine years of online marketing experience and more than 10 years of business development experience. His focus is working with small/midsize businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs to best leverage Internet technologies to systematically reach their financial and/or growth goals. Joselin specializes in wrapping marketing around technology to help grow his clients’ businesses in a more efficient way. Joselin’s expertise led him to be featured in a full-page advertisement for IBM within two years of being employed there. He was also appointed to an elite team within IBM’s elearning division, where he received personal requests for all large and/or strategically sensitive deals. Joselin can be reached via his consultancy, LITBeL Consulting, and also via Twitter: @JoselinMane and @BostonTweetUp.