For networkers

The term networking is so overused, its easy to forget that this is both a strategy, an art for personal branding as well as business development.

By connecting with us you will:

For Individuals
  • Have access to latest events for start ups and social media in Boston
  • Gain insight into how to plan/research attendees pre-event
  • Develop skills to converse with influencers (ice-breakers, conversation starters, getting that business card)
  • Learn what makes a compelling online profile so your new contacts can follow up with you
  • …and much more
For Companies
  • How to stay connected with your contacts
  • How to turn contacts into business
  • Tools for monitoring your expanding database
  • Training sessions to ensure not a single opportunity is lost
  • Additional resources to help you continue developing your skills and leveraging networking events

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Our weekly BostonTweetup TV episodes go over future event, past event reviews and occasionally guides on networking.

If you or organization needs additional assistance we also provide one on one coaching and networking training workshops.

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Boston Tweetup is an event planning & promotional service and provides a calendar on networking, social media, entrepreneurs and calendar events in the Boston area. We aggregate tweetups and look for other networking events that honesty help connect people.