What is BTU
– We are an event planning & promotional service vs just a calendar. (There are least 20 calendars that Bostonians & visitors can use to find events, ) we not only consolidate tweetups*, but importantly promote & help event organizers plan events. We also don’t just aggregate tweetups, we also look for other networking events that honesty help connect people. See below for the different types of events we promote.

We focus on creating unique event experiences via tweetups of any types, sizes for various industries & markets.

Why Tweetups vs a traditional events?
With the advent of social media & advances in technology that allows almost anyone to share experiences with their friends, an event organizer doesn’t have to be the sole creator of content.  Now an event organizer can simply crowd source the event planning, promotion and content creation of event.
Now every event is different and has different goals.

How to submit event to calendar
1. It needs to be a free Social Media, Technology, Business Networking, Entrepreneurship, Start up, or Tweetup of any kind.*
2. Email us the event details (Hashtag, All the twitter accounts associated w/event ie Organizers, Venue, Speakers, Sponsors, etc. The more the better)
3. If you are charging for your event just email us your event details & we can arrange the appropriate affiliate program

*We tend not to promote parties, nightclub events, festivals, or other simply social events since there many options available to learn about those event. The big loophole to this is making the event a tweetup and/or Networking 2.0 event. Almost any event can become a tweetup / Networking 2.0 event with a proper understanding of what a tweetup / Networking 2.0 is and the benefits it can provide you. Please contact us INFO A-T BostonTweetUp DOT COM and we can schedule a Tweetup / Networking 2.0 Coach session with you.

Also note the we take pride in being the most accurate and most trusted source of Tweetups in the New England area. We don’t scrape websites to find events to put on our calendar but rather we hand pick each event that is on our calendar. We want to ensure we provide the Boston area community with the best networking events Boston has to offer from event organizers with high integrity. This is why not all events get automatically approved & we reserve the right to not post an event.

What’s the advantage of posting with BTU?
We are not just a calendar we also leverage social media to promote your event to a community of individuals cross Boston, Mass, NH, ME, VT @ CT

How do I subscribe?
There are a variety of ways to subscribe
1. Follow us on Twitter
2. Subscribe via RSS
3. Subscribe via email
4. Like us on Facebook

How to be on BTU tv

  1. Guest – As a Guest 1. Organize a tweetup 2. be available the week before your event to record, ideally Before the Friday of your Tweetup.
  2. Event Mention – To have your tweetup/event eligible to be highlighted on show. Be on calendar at least the Saturday before. If your event is not on Calendar simply fill out contact info below or email INFO [at] BostonTweetUp DotCom Note: not all events are added to Calendar (see above) and not all events on Calendar are highlighted on BostonTweetUp TV
  3. Sponsor – Be a BTU Week Sponsor ie Provide a T-shirt or other item (contact us for details INFO [at] BostonTweetUp DotCom or fill out form below)

Short URL: http://bit.ly/BTUFAQ
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