Digital Rendezvous MeetUp #6 – A Boston TweetUp Review


Digital Rendezvous Digital Rendezvous (@digitalrendezv) hosted its 6th monthly Meetup on Thursday, June 21st at Middlesex Lounge (@middlesexlounge). This event, which was founded at the beginning of the year in January, gathers creative minds from in and around Boston.

What is Digital Rendezvous?

Digital Rendezvous was founded by 5 people from Vitamin Talent, a staffing agency for Creative/Digital talent, who decided to create a MeetUp. The MeetUp is designed to gather creative talents once a month at a local pub to discuss emerging trends in design, development and all things digital. It is a great place for people to network and meet awesome talents in Boston.

What happened at the MeetUp?

This event was organized by hosts David (@leechtravel), Kelly (@kmoeller) and Ryanne (@RyanneConway). Everyone that attended had a chance to meet each other and have a discussion. The event was very laid back, the hosts of the event were super friendly and all the attendees had a great time, which is goal of every tweetup/meetup.

The hosts had ordered some amazing food (see below) and drinks for attendees, which is always a plus!

Event Organizers Takeaway:

  • Bring fun swags: Although the event was very laid back, it was well-organized. There were fun swags from VitaminT on the table ranging from temporary tattoos to yo-yos, which was a great way for the hosts to brand their event.
  • Hold a mini-raffle: There was also a mini raffle where participants dropped off their business cards for a chance to win a small gift. This month’s gift was a small notebook. This is fun and also a great way to collect participants’ contact information.
  • Leverage Twitter: It was a fun event and it would have been a great one to share with Twitter followers using an event hashtag. Although the event didn’t have a hashtag, Digital Rendezvous, @digitalrendezv, was able to use to share fun photos from the event. There’s definitely an opportunity to create event hashtags for future events.

Venue Takeaway:

Middlesex Lounge is a popular venue for events. There were two events going on at once but because they were relatively small events, it didn’t cause a problem. Also, the way the seats were setup made it easy to distinguish which event was which.

The A.C. unfortunately broke at the start of the event and with the weather being hot, there were a few sweaty participants but the venue made sure to apologize and give each participants a small glass of cold Sangria. The A.C. was also fixed and the venue sent out a nice little tweet to @digitalrendezv and the other events’ Twitter handle to apologize, which was a nice little touch.

The event was small but definitely a fun event. All the participants had a great time, great conversation and awesome food. Looking forward to next month’s meetup!

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