#BCSM Tweet-up before Pink Ribbons Inc Screening – A BostonTweetUp Review

“Waiting to watch #PinkRibbonsInc. #bcsm” by @nananapark via Instagram

On Wednesday, June 20th, Alicia Staley (@stales) from #BCSM organized a tweet up at Regal Beagal in Brookline, an hour before the special screening of Pink Ribbons, Inc.

Pink Ribbons Inc. is a documentary that focuses on the notion of “Pink-washing”, where many companies are taking advantage of cause-related marketing campaigns tied to breast cancer.

#BCSM (@BCSMchat) is a twitter chat co-founded by @jodyms and @stales based in Boston. It stands for Breach Cancer & Social Media and aims to build a powerful community and raise awareness on breast cancer through social media.

What happened at the event?

The tweet up was more of a quick gathering before the screening of the documentary. @Stales mentioned during the event that Wednesdays are difficult to get people to come out. With so many events happening at the same time and the 90+ degree weather, only a handful number of people were able to make it to the event. However, people still made it out to the event to support the meetup, mingle and head over to the screening together after a quick dinner. The meetup was short and mostly focused on getting to know each other, which was a little different from the traditional tweet up where there is a lot more time to “speak & tweet” ™.

Event Take-Away

Every event has a different measure of success and in this case, success was measured in the connections made and the support of this documentary. What we recommend in planning events like this is to coordinate with the theater and see if there could be a post viewing discussion area set aside. Since the documentary was very compelling, it would have been interesting to hear what others thought or felt afterwards. If the venue isn’t able to host because of a scheduling conflict, we recommend a nearby venue that can host such a discussion.

Note: The discussion doesn’t have to be long and can be continued online, in this case via the weekly twitter chat.


Although the event was a one-time-only event, you can still join the @BCSMchat on twitter. The chat is held on Monday nights 9 p.m. EST.

More info:

  • Organizers: Alicia Staley (@stales)
  • Event Hashtag: #BCSM & #PinkRibbonsInc.
  • Frequency: Once in a Lifetime
  • Registration: Eventbrite
  • Venue: Regal Beagal (@BeagleBrookline)

Short URL: http://bit.ly/BTUrBCSM