BostonTweetUp TV, Episode #76, Aug 29 2010


In this episode Joselin Mane, interviews Eric Leist (@EricLeist) about #TweachOut a tweetup that caters to the newbie. TweachOut come from the word Reach Out, meaning reach out to your friends that haven’t gone to a tweetup before. Eric also speaks about the BostonTweetUp formula for planning tweetups.

There are many events this week which are you looking forward to attending?

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(1:25) WordPress for Beginniners event details
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(3:45) Boston Night Owls event details hosted by
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(5:13) Hubspot TV
(5:17) Innovation Conversation Breakfast hosted by of

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(7:12) Alison Morris
(7:15) Zach A Cole
(10:12) #TweachOut event details
(10:46) Here’s Boston Tweetups 5 phases to planning a tweetup/event
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