5 Ways to Stand Out During a Networking Event

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Networking 2.0 The 101 Series Logo Not sure what to expect from your first networking event? Worried that you might get lost in the crowd? This 5 minute video will discuss the 5 ways you can set yourself a part from the rest of the crowd during a networking event.

It can be difficult to stand out in a crowd of people with similar goals as yourself. The tips in this video teach you how to stand out in a positive way and make your networking experience a stress free, productive event.

Although this video series is geared towards the first time networker, the tips discussed are designed to help both the novice and seasoned networker. If you haven’t yet viewed the last videos about what to do before a networker video–5 Critical Things to Do Before a Networking Event, 5 Tips to Help you Find the Right Networking Event, and 5 Ways to Best Prepare for a Networking Event–be sure to do so now.


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