BostonTweetUp Review of #TweachOut Tweetup


The final Tweetup Tuesday for the Summer ended with the beginners, or rather this tweetup was dedicated to all those new to tweetups. The Landsdowne Pub has been hosting Tweetup Tuesdays after a discussion with Joselin Mane of BostonTweetUp on what they could do to bring business to their location during the summer months*.

(*Any venue marketing/event manager looking to bring business to their venue please contact Joselin Mane (Info [AT] BostonTweetUp [Dot] com) to discuss how BostonTweetUp can help plan and promote events at your venue)

So every Tuesday for the month of August the Landsdowne Pub and Boston Social Sports hosted Twisted Tea Tweetup Tuesdays with the Thank You Forever band and a new host every week.

The hosts for the last Tweetup Tuesday, Alison Morris, Zach A Cole and Eric Leist decided to bring it back to the new or rather the Newbie. As college students or persons who newly graduate they understand the importance of networking for their careers.

Here is the video of Eric Leist being interviewed by Joselin Mane of BostonTweetUp for BostonTweetUp TV. [10:12]

[viddler id=4ccaa26&w=437&h=370]

Alison, Zach and Eric understand how tweetups are a very easy way to connect with potential employers, business partners or friends without the nervous pressures that is generally associated with traditional networking events.

What did you think of the event?

Here is their Eventbrite page and connect with the people who signed up.

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