BostonTweetUp TV, Episode #122, July 17 2011


Another great week of events in Boston and the surrounding area and although there are no events listed on Monday there are a total of seven tweetups this week, which are mostly on Tuesday and Thursday. There are also a few events that are either out of state or have hosts that are coming from out of state to host their event in Boston.

Also at the end of this week’s episode of BTU TV, we continue our ongoing series by talking about Tweetup planning or what we call Phase One: Pre-Planning.

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If you have any further questions about “Phase One” or any of the events, feel free to contact us at info[AT]bostontweetupDotCom

We will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Here is this week’s video.


[viddler id=9e851735&w=437&h=370]

Tweetups are in Red / Non-Tweetups are in Green

(0:14) Joselin Mane

(3:49) Dear #Roxtweet Hosted by @hhbakerycafe @newprosperity @bostonfab @discoverroxbury @masschallenge @socialcap

(4:05) Episode 121/Meetup vs. Tweetup

(5:00) Evangelists: The New Approach To Marketing Hosted by


(6:54) Radical Boston Tweetup Hosted by

(8:21) Come As #Uavatar! Tweet-Up Hosted by

(8:50) Matt Lauzon: Founder of Gemvara Hosted by

(10:08) Girls In Technology – Summer Networking on the Waterfront Hosted by

(11:22) Top of Newport Tweetup Hosted by

(12:36) Sudbury Social Tweetup Hosted by

(13:24) Marist TweetUp in Boston Hosted by

(15:30) July 2011 #NashuaTweetup at O’Brien’s Sports Bar Hosted by

This Weekend
(16:04) WordCamp Boston 2011 Hosted by

Next Week

(16:46) eduTweetup Boston 2011 Hosted by

(15:44) Boston Tweetup Calendar
Boston Tweetup on Twitter
Boston Tweetup on Facebook
Become a Boston Tweetup Twintern


(17:12) Tweetup Planning Phase 1: Pre-Planning