#Altimetertweetup BostonTweetUp Review


The #Altimetertweetup Tweetup on Oct 16th was awesome!

Despite it being on a Sunday and farther than a simple T ride, many social media mavens from in and around Boston attended and enjoyed the event.

I think the distance from Boston helped it become more successful because if you had to travel there you were committed to make the experience worth the trip!

Now the eventbrite page read it was a no host event.

However there were 3 organizers / hosts that all contributed to the success of the Tweetup.

  1. Jeremiah Owyang and the Altimeter Group. The Altimeter team was in full force! Actually many of the altimeter team members were meeting IRL (In Real Life) for the first time.
  2. Mike Lewis and the Awareness team (the tweetup sponsor)
  3. Jason Fall and the Exploring Social Media Boston event team (the tweetup partner).

The tweetup reminded me of the early days of Tweetups in Boston where it was more of a family reunion than a networking event.

And because this tweetup was at a hotel restaurant vs a bar it automatically was kid friendly. This fact made Rachel Happe and family happy!


Photo by @mbloomstein Margot Bloomstein

So tip for event organizers who want to attract a more networkers with children, select a location like a restaurant vs a bar.

Also as we always talk about, a free tweetup before a paid conference / event is perfect solution to get a few more sales of your paid event.

Tweetups, if organized right, have a good blend of casual conversation and business discussions.

We look forward to the next Altimeter Group tweetup!