Measuring the Networked Nonprofit #MeasureUp Book TweetUp – BostonTweetUp Review


Measuring The Networked NonProfit Book

What was the #MeasureUp TweetUp All about?

The #MeasureUp tweetup was a way to give authors Beth Kanter and KD Paine a chance to meet with those people that were interested in their new book Measuring the Networked Nonprofit Book. This included anyone that was interested in :

Social Media
Data / Social Media Metrics
Charitable Contribution
Beth Kanter’s work
KD Paine’s work

What happened at the TweetUp?

As almost every tweetup, the value in the event is about strengthening existing relationships or establishing new ones. This tweetup mostly combined people that were interested in Non-Profits, Social Media and metrics. The tweetup was great, because people from different areas of interest got to speak with each other and gain some new perspectives.

Everyone got time to meet with the authors and learn more about the book, which helped sell copies of the book that was just released.

Tamo Bar provided some great appetizers that were ideal for networking (see photo album)

Event Takeaway:

  • Cross Branding: Non-profits and Metrics are generally not considered two things that go together, but once you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Think about your brand and who you can partner with to connect two communities.
  • Appropriate Food: The venue recognized the need of the tweetup and provided the most ideal snack that was both healthy and easy to eat. (see photo album). There was also more than enough food for everyone
  • Keynote to Tweetup: Beth and KD had keynote at the emetrics conference and what a better way to continue the conversation then via a tweetup. Generally after keynotes the speakers don’t have enough time to speak to everyone, but at a tweetup it’s much easier to connect with people and have a deeper conversation.
  • Ideal Venue: Without the support (traditional and social) of a good venue, tweetups couldn’t happen. In this case Tamo Bar within the Seaport Hotel was not only extremely supportive but also very engaged socially (online and offline). We highly recommend them.

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