Uber Pre-Game to New Years – A BostonTweetUp Review


What it’s all about…Uber Pre-Game 1st Annual Event Crowd

Uber is THE fastest and easiest way to ride around Boston in style. To request an Uber car it’s as simple as texting your address or use the Uber Iphone or Android app to set your pick up location on the Uber map. From personal experience I can attest to the speed and efficiency of Uber, in less than 5 minutes a sleek black car will arrive to whisk you away to your destination.

What happened…

Uber knows the best part of a party is the pre-game. To kick off the 2012 they hosted the first annual Pre-Game to New Year’s party at Storyville, sponsored by Eventbrite Boston, TaskRabbit,and Popchips. Storyville provided the perfect environment for a pre-game style party, the metallic and leather décor gave the space a swanky basement feel. Having an event run from 8pm to midnight on a Monday may seem like a risk but the Uber team pulled it off, as there was a consistent crowd throughout the night. The DJ kept the beats bumping all night. A few mini dance parties definitely broke out–the music was just to good to resist. In standard pre-game fashion, the drinks were served in Solo cups, a fun throwback to those college days.

Even though there wasn’t an ugly sweater in sight, the Holiday spirit was not forgotten: Uber encouraged guests to bring their favorite childhood toy and make a donation to Toys for Tots.

Memorable moments…

The PopChips game lounge was a big hit, as it was complete with Cornhole as well as some pregame munchies to keep the guests going. All of the tables were stocked with dice, cards, and your favorite childhood board games. Candy Land caught my eye. The most intense game of the evening would have to be Jenga, that group had their game faces on! Little touches like complimentary cupcakes frosted with smart phone bar codes, courtesy of Eventbrite Boston made the event even more memorable.

Let’s just say with the help of Eventbrite Boston, TaskRabbit, and PopChips, Uber definitely brought their A-game to this pre-game event.

More Info…

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