How to Plan Your Networking in 2012 (Part 1 of 4)


2012 has officially arrived. The beginning of every year includes a laundry list of goals and unfulfilled resolutions. I can’t help you with finally joining the gym down the street, but I hope I can make networking more manageable. And what better month to write a networking series than in January? My New Years’ Resolution is to help you in completing each goal the best you can.

I will be discussing how to maximize your online presence (via social media sites) so as to enhance your offline social experience (via networking events). Networking these days is more than business cards and suits but also includes creating a personal social media profile. With that in mind, it is crucial that you present the best “you” possible both online and offline. In doing so, you will have a better chance of realizing your goals.

I will discuss tips for preparation (before networking), a variety of social platforms, and post-event etiquette. Navigating the sea of social platforms can be daunting and tiresome, so I will highlight a few social media frontrunners for the general public and also some that are niche-specific. For each platform, I will discuss advantages and disadvantages to each, and personal experiences. 2012 will be a new year, filled with new opportunities for you to shine and learn from new experiences. Networking for me personally hasn’t been a piece of cake, but now that I’ve picked up a few tricks I feel comfortable in almost any setting. So get the notepads and pens ready, and bring your best A-game ready for a boot camp in networking.

Before we get into the fun stuff of networking, the first step in your networking 2012 plan is to assess where you are. So why don’t you take a gander at your search results on Google. The series will help to maximize your online profile so stay tuned for next Monday’s networking post, which will focus on prepping your online profiles!

I hope I can enlighten you with my experiences and some insights to improving your online experiences with social platforms! This is an open dialogue so I would love to hear your thoughts. Other than business cards, what other ways do you prepare yourself for an event? Anything specific you’d like me to discuss?

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