Top 5 Social Media Tips Sponsors Should Do Before a Networking Event

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Want to know how to gain brand exposure and brand awareness in the most efficient and cost effective way? Or have to make people recognize and choose your brand over your leading competitors? Of course you do!

Otherwise you wouldn’t be a sponsor, right?

So let me ask you something, when you’re not attending and building a name for yourself at an event, how else do you go about reaching out and connecting with your audience?

Advertising? Commercials? Print Ads?

Well let me let you in on a secret, which I’m sure you already know. So let me just remind you.

Social media platforms are now one of the most effective places to reach out and connect with people, especially if you use them before your big event!

But it’s not just about using them, it’s about how to use them in the right ways and with the right people.

Now I’m sure you all know how to use platforms like Facebook, but do you know how to us it to it’s full potential?

And by full potential I mean, do you know how to use it other than just posting pictures and saying hi to your friends?

Well to help you out, we are going to be giving you what we believe to be the top 5 social media tips to use on the top 5 social media platforms. And more importantly, we wil she teaching you how to use them before your next big event! So that your brand reaches higher exposure and so that you reach out to as many people as possible.

So what are the top 5 social media platforms and best tips? You’ll be surprised at how obvious they are.

1) Facebook:

    1. Create a page for people to “like.” This will help you to start build a following and build awareness.
    2. Update your pape’s profile. Some things to keep in mind are: include the link to your official website, your mission statement and your company overview in the about me section. List your products and and the year your brand was founded in in the basic info, and make sure to mention your contact information and your history by year. (see Vita Coco’s photo example below)
Photo credit: BostonTweetUp. Taken of Vita Coco via Facebook
  1. Choose a profile photo and a cover photo that best represent you and your brand.
  2. If there is an event on the FB for the event that you are sponsoring, make sure to accept the event invitation so that everyone knows you are going.
  3. Connect with the organizer and ask to be listed as the sponsor on the event invitation, if you aren’t already.

2) Twitter:

Photo credit: BostonTweetUp. Taken of: VitaminWater via Twitter
  1. Create a twitter handle for your brand. Use your company name for your handle, so that it’s for people to find you.
  2. Update your profile. Include your website link in your bio and try to use a photo of your brand or company name as your background wallpaper/banner to make your brand stand out as much as possible.
  3. Create a list using the event hashtag so that you can see if anyone is talking about you during the event.
  4. Follow anyone participating in the event, including speakers, organizers and hosts, so that you can begin to network and build relationships with anyone attending your sponsored event.
  5. Tweet about the event you are sponsoring, using the event hashtag, so that your followers and the entire Twitter community knows to look out for you while they are at the event.

3) LinkedIn:

Photo credit: BostonTweetUp. Taken of: PopChips via LinkedIn
  1. Create a company profile for people to follow.
  2. Update your profile by updating your about me section with your headquarters, your specialty, website link, the type of company you have, the company size, the year you were founded, and the industry in which you are in. This way your audience has a better sense of who you are. (See Popchips photo example)
  3. Mention your employees name with their titles in the insight section of your profile.
  4. If there is an event invitation going around about the event you are sponsoring, make sure you accept the invitation and make it clear that you are going.
  5. Connect with anyone who is participating in the event. This includes the event host, organizer, speaker and attendees. You can begin to connect and build relationships this way.

4) Google+:

Photo credit: BostonTweetUp. Photo of: Vitamin Water via Google+
  1. Create a page for your brand/product for people to follow.
  2. Update your page’s profile. Include your brand tagline, an introduction to your brand, your website link, and your links to any of your other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. (See Vitamin Water photo example)
  3. Choose a profile picture and a cover photo that presents you and your brand the most effectively.
  4. Look and see if there is a Google+ event on the google calendar for the event which you are sponsoring. If there is, accept the invitation so that everyone knows you will be there, and if there isn’t connect with the organizer and suggest that they create one.
  5. Connect with the organizer and ask them if you could be mentioned in the event invitation as the event sponsor.

5) Blogs

  1. Create a Tumblr account and use the business section to connect with your community and to start building a presence for your brand.
  2. Update your profile and attach any or all of your other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, so your readers know to follow you on other platforms as well.
  3. Add the social media platform share buttons on the side so that your readers can share your posts on multiple platforms.
  4. Create a banner for your product/company brand to display at the top of your blog.
  5. Always link your blog back to your main website.

So, what do you think? Sounds easy enough right? It is.

All you basically need to is start to growing your brand awareness. But you don’t nee me to tell you that. And what easier way to do this than by using these top 5 social media platforms that are currently trending!

So now I ask you to put these 5 tips into use for each of the 5 platforms next time you are about to sponsor a big event, or even not so big event.

An event is an event so make sure you know how to represent yourself well and make sure you start doing this even before you are present at the event.

Did this help? We hope so. Just let us know what worked for you and what didn’t by leaving your comments below. We want your feedback so we can help you!

In the meantime if you are interested in learning more tips and resources make sure to signup for the upcoming Networking 2.0 Book and subscribe to this blog!!!

Until next time.

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