5 Unique Things for Sponsors to Do After a Networking Event


Welcome back and welcome to the final stage.

Assuming now that the event is over it’s safe to say that as a sponsor, you need to stay connected and follow up.

In this post we will show you five unique things that can make your product/service more memorable.


Giveaways aren’t just to be used during an event. To keep the networkers interested and connected with you, create an online giveaway for after the event. You can let the event guests know about it during the event, and get them to participate in it after the event. Just let them know when it is and what they need to do in order to participate and win. This is a cool way to keep the new potential customers you met.


If your guests seem interested in your product/service during the event ,or if you just simply connected and bonded with them, then ask them to participate in an after event promotion. Not only will you be strengthening your relationship with them, but they will be helping you promote your product/service in exchange for something fun! Since you are already interacting with the guests during the event, get them to participate and continue to engage with you and your brand.


Creating coupons is a great way to build your relationship with the event guests and a great way to get them to choose you. Giving them something to walk away with and something to return with will grow your trust and likability. Let them try your product/service out during the event and if they like it, then give them a takeaway for them to use after the event. You can either physically distribute the coupons during the event, or post them on social media platforms after the event. Posting them after will allow you to increase your online presence and grow a following.


Sharing what your fans have said or posted about you, is an easy way to grow your connections and network. You can post photos onto your facebook or tweet about the wonderful people and experience. People like being recognized, so take the time to credit them for their acknowledgments. Credit them on your Facebook, Twitter or on your website. The more you engage with the customer, the more they will begin to like you.


Follow up and stay connected with the event guests via social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Find event guests by searching the event hashtag to see what people are saying about you. Ask them how they are liking their free products and if they have considered purchasing more. If they seem interested, give them one of your coupons. This will help your your relationship and will help your company grow more likability.

So next time you sponsor an event, think about which one of these tips you’ll be putting into use. And leave us a comment below. Let us know which tip(s) worked for you, or which tips have worked for you in the past that were not mentioned.

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