Summary: Top 5 Social Media Tips Sponsors Should Do Before, During, and After a Networking Event

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Let’s review, shall we?

Leveraging your social media before, during, and after an event will allow you to interact and engage with your audience so that you can begin to grow your service/product’s visibility and likability.

There are various ways you can use social media to make event guests (for the event you’re sponsoring) aware and excited about seeing you. And we named a few of them in our first three posts.

If you missed these posts or want any additional information on each tip then make sure to go back and read.

As you recall, our tips should be utilized on the top 5 social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Goolge+, and Blogs. These platforms will allow you to increase brand awareness and engage with event guests before, during, and after an event.

To refresh your memory, here’s a summary of some on some of the social media tips you should do every time you are asked to sponsor an event.

Before an Event:

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Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Blogs to essentially update and inform the event guests about your product/services. You can create business pages including your company’s history, photos of your products, videos of your services, and photos of any past event which you have hosted. This will grow your online presence which can ultimately benefit your offline presence as well. How? Well once your customers begin to know you via online, the will be more compelled to get to know and trust you offline and in person.


During an Event:

Photo credit: BostonTweetUp. Taken at: #RoofUp

The top 5 social media platforms will allow you to engage with and stay connect with the event guests. Twitter, Facebook and Google+ all allow you to share in real time, so that you can share your experience as it happens. Just tweet photos of the event guests engaging with your product, share it on Facebook, or upload it the Google+ event page by using the party mode. If you’re tweeting your customer engagement make sure to use the event hashtag. Using the hashtag will centralize your tweet with all other event tweets so that guests who are searching for the event on Twitter, will easily find your tweet.

After an Event:

Using social media platforms after an event will allow you to share and recap your wonderful experience. You can go into all top 5 social media platforms and update them with the photos, videos and reviews, so that you can keep your fans up to date. Using the 5 social media platforms can also help you re-connect with the attendees so that you can then share and promote your special offers with them. This will grow your presence online and will allow you to grow your relationship event after the event is over.

Now that was just a quick recap so remember, if you want to learn more details and tips on what you should do on social media before, during and after an event, don’t forget to revisit each post.

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