Top 5 Social Media Tips Speakers Should Do During a Networking Event

Photo credit: BostonTweetUp. Taken at: Gravity Summit
Photo credit: BostonTweetUp. Taken at TEDxBoston

Hey again,

Last time we left off by showing you the first phase, on what we thought to be, the top 5 event networking tips for the top 5 social media platforms. And you learned a couple of handy tips on how to utilize them before your event, which we hope have helped you out.

But now it’s show time and you’re up to speak, and you don’t want to forget that it’s important to find ways that will make you stand out and be remembered. So what better way to do this than by using social media? It keeps people engaging, it get’s people connected, and it just let’s everyone know what today’s big thing is. I mean, almost everyone now a days uses things like Facebook and Twitter, so why not take advantage of this?

Haven’t you ever found that you’re just one of those people,or at least one of those people who know’s one of those people, who is just constantly staying active on social media? We all do it. We share what we’re doing in real time to our connects, but only because we want to let them know about all the great things and people that are out there.

So let me ask you something, how can you use this to your benefit?

Well, you’re the speaker so you won’t have time to just whip out your phone and update your networks on your current where abouts, so make it easy for your audience to do this for you! And there are ways to do this. Easy ways, which we’ll pass along to you.

Lets start off with how you can do this on blogs:


Photo credit: BostonTweetUp. Taken at: #MCLaunch

1) Blogs

What things can you do while you’re speaking to help you gain blog visibility?

    1. Create a live blog so that those who can’t be there, can still watch it live from the comfort of their homes or office. (Make sure to share it on one of the top social media platforms)
    2. Create a SpeakerFile. This isn’t so much a blog as it is a profile; an “expert”profile” to help you increase your visibility.
    3. Have a partner to take photos for you. There’s a slim chance you’re going to be able to be taking pictures of the speech, because well, you’re the speaker. So just have someone there to help you out.
    4. The same goes for videos. And the best part is you can share the photos and videos on your SpeakerFile so that people can see your work and you can gain visibility.
    5. Gather testimonial. This will give you, or increase your, credibility!
Photo credit: BostonTweetup. Taken at: #custlove13

2) Twitter:

How can you use Twitter so that people can easily find out and share about you?

  1. Use the event hashtag on your speaking slides. This will get them to tweet about the event that you are speaking at!
  2. Use your twitter handles on your speaking slides, either on the bottom right or bottom left. This will make it easier for others to find you and it will give the audience a chance to mention you in the tweets that they are tweeting during the event. (See photo on left)
  3. Use SlideShare and share your slides on Twitter. Your presentation will be accessible via Twitter, so that it can get tweeted, retweeted and shared across the globe. So even if someone is not physically there to hear you speak, they can still access it.
  4. Check in to the event location on Foursquare and share this on Twitter (use the hashtag). Increasing your visibility on two places at once will help spread the word on you even faster.
  5. Create a list, using the event hashtag, so that you can go back and see if anyone was mentioning or tweeting a picture of you. It’s good to know what others are saying about you.

3) Facebook:

What can you do on FB to help promote you and your speech?

  1. Use SlideShare to publicly share your presentation to your FB community. You can let your friends look along while you talk.
  2. Share “where you are” on the FB map so that your friends and followers know where you are.
  3. Share “who you are with.” A mutual friend can always help build and expand your network.
  4. Check into the event location on Foursquare and share it with your friends. This will give both you visibility in two places at once.
  5. If you see that anyone has posted a photo of you speaking and didn’t tag you, tag yourself or ask them to tag you. You want everyone to know who you are and what you do.
Photo credit: BostonTweetUp.

4) LinkedIn:

How can you and your speech be easily found on LinkedIn?

  1. Use SlideShare to share your slides. If you have a account, you can import your existing presentations into LinkedIn. If you don’t have one, just signup from LinkedIn.
  2. Share the link to your live blog. This will help increase your visibility on LinkedIn.
  3. Anything you share on LinedIn can also be shared on Twitter, just click “Share with: LinkedIn + Twitter.”
  4. Use CardMunch so that you can take a photo of any of the business cards you receive during the event, to find their LinkedIn profile.
  5. If you have a SpeakerRate, make sure you LinkedIn profile is linked to it.

5) Google+:

What things can you do on Google+ to help you gain a bigger audience?

  1. Use SlideShare to share your slides on Google+ to share your presentation worldwide and get more views/traffic.
  2. If you have a live blog, make sure to share the link. You want your speech to be accessible to as many people as possible.
  3. Gather any photos of you from the Google Event+ page. You may want to share these photos on your other social media platforms.
  4. Gather any videos of you and your speech from the Google Event+ page. You may want to share these as well.
  5. Check into your location and let everyone know where you are and what you are currently doing so that everyone else can pass along the word.

So now try these out during your next event! You won’t be able to do these some of these things for yourself, like the Twitter and Facebook sharing, but you can get others to do them for you! And trust us, they want to do it for you! Because like we mentioned earlier, we like to share what the next big thing is.

If we’re right then these simple tips will hep you increase your visibility and credibility as a speaker, and in real time!

Next week, we’ll be wrapping things up and showing you the final phase to how you can utilize the top 5 social media platforms, but this time how to utilize them after your even is over. So if you want to learn how then stay tuned in. Otherwise, if you are interested in learning more tips and resources make sure to signup for the upcoming Networking 2.0 Book and subscribe to this blog.

Talk to you soon and as always, leave your comments and feedback below. We want to hear from you!

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