Top 5 Things To Do On Social Media During a Networking Event

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Hey again,

So how are you feeling about your networking event? You think you feel ready for it?

Of course you do. Why? Because this is the exciting part where you finally get to shine!

It’s the part where you get to meet all of your potential connections in person, after getting to know them online, and it’s the part you get to enjoy after sharing and boasting about the event on you’re social media platforms.

So if you read our first post and followed our 5 tips to use on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and blogs before an event, then we hope you’re ready to take it to the next level.

Because now we’re going to let you know how you can continue to use these top 5 social media platforms,but this time how you can leverage them during an event. 

So if you’re new to this series, you might want to make sure you read these tips and know them  before you go through the second part of this series Top 5 Social Media Platforms Tips for Better Networking- Part 1.

Now you might be thinking, how to do I even have time or the tools to use these platforms while I’m there at the event? Won’t I be too busy interacting and socializing? Well it’s quite simple, actually. And that’s because these platforms can all be used directly  from your mobile phone. Which means you can continue to leverage the top 5 social media platforms even while you’re there.

You’ll be surprised at how effortless and not time consuming it is! And to help you out, we’ll be showing you the 5 things you can do to utilize these platforms in the right way.

So what is the right way?

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1) Facebook:

    1. Update your status by letting your FB community know exactly where you are (your event) and with whom. This not only promotes the event, but it also promotes you and your interests.
    2. Update your places and share the location of the event with your friends. This will allow your FB friends to locate you on the FB map, while also helping promote the venue, the event and your where abouts.
    3. Check into Foursquare and share it on FB. This will reward both you and the venue.
    4. Share a photo. Take a photo on your mobile phone while you’re at the event and share it via your FB mobile app. This will give your friends a visual update on the event. 
    5. You can also use an apps like Instagram and take a photo of the event to share it on FB.


2) LinkedIn:

  1. Share an update and let your connections know you are at the event. This will let others know to look for you when they arrive.
  2.  Share an update with the entire LinkedIn community and even with Twitter (from LinkedIn). This will make it easier for other attendees to find you and stay connected with you because you’ll be in two places at once.
  3. Ask attendees, if they are on LinkedIn so that you can find them and connect later after the event is over.
  4. Go into the LinkedIn event page (for the event you are currently at) and search for names you wish to connect with during the event. By quickly looking at their profile photo and name, you can look for them at the event.
  5. Take a photo of any business cards you receive by using CardMunch, so that you can save their information and connect with their LinkedIn profiles later.
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3) Twitter:

  1. Tweet about the event, using the event hashtag. This let’s other attendees and the entire Twitter community know that you are there.
  2. Tweet a TwitPic of you at the event. Again, make sure to use the event hashtag in your tweet. This keeps you connected with the event and let’s you post live updates.  (See right photo) You can also share your pictures, by using Instagram!
  3. Use apps like Foursquare to check into your location, and then share it to your Twitter account. You’ll be helping promote the venue and possibly gain rewards for doing so. A win-win situation. (View photo below)
  4. Follow the event list, if there is one, by using the event hashtag, to see what others are currently tweeting about the event. If there isn’t one, create one on the spot. This allows for you to stay connected with anyone and everyone who is at your event too.
  5. Use apps like vine (to highlight event) and @vsnap (to personally thank people you met at the event) which allow you to take short video clips to share on Twitter. You can show the Twitter community how your time at the event is going, live! (@vsnap can also be used on FB)
Photo credit: BostonTweetUp. Taken at: #ReverseStartUp

4) Google+:

  1. Share a photo of the event, while you’re there, to share with the entire Google+ community. (Include the event hashtag)
  2. Instantly share photos, to the event page. The event page allows everyone’s event photos to all be in one place, so that you can see what other attendees are posting while they are there.
  3. Share a video of the event, as it is taking place, by simply recording and uploading it. Make sure to use the event hashtag.
  4. Search and see who else is sharing photos/videos of the event, so that you could search for them in person while you’re there.
  5. Ask connects during the event if they have a Google+, so that you couls go back later and add them into your circle.

5) Blogs:

  1. Stream live photos of the event to your WordPress, Tumblr or other blog account. (Note both WordPress and Tumblr have mobile apps that allows you to easily update you blog)
  2. Gather any names/titles of anyone whom you wish to mention later in your blog post. If you menton specific people you met during the event, it will help you get more views/reads.
  3. Take photos. Lots and lots of photos! You’ll want to share these on your blog. When you are done with your post, make sure to let the people that you mentioned know via Twitter, Facebook, etc. Once they know they have been highlighted in your blog post, they will help your blog get more readers, because who doesn’t like looking at photos? Especially if they’re of you! Bonus: Take as many photos as possible that way you will have enough photos to use in future blog posts like we have done with all of our Networking 2.0 blog series
  4. Take videos. You can incorporate these videos in your blogs post which will also bring in more readers. Folks like to watch videos, especially if they;re in them as well.
  5. Interview people. If you can get a quick word in with the organizer, speaker or anyone involved in the event, then do it! You can use this interview in your post which can help you gain more credibility and readers.

So what do you think? Much easier than you thought right?

These simple tips will guide you on how to share updates on the event, while you’re there working your offline networking skills. It’s important to keep the online community posted on the event because it can make you more memorable! The more you share about the event, while you’re there, the more others will remember you being there and the more you’ll look like an expert. 

So, are you ready to put these tips into practice? Give them a go next time you’re at an event, and you’ll realize how effective and beneficial they can be. I’m serious!

Now make sure to check in again with us next week, so we can give you the final tips!

Yes, more tips. However, these tips will be on how you can continue to use these top 5 social media platforms but after the event is over!

In the meantime, make sure to leave your comments below and let us know if there is anything in our tips that you would like to expand on.

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See you next week.

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