Top 5 Things To Do On Social Media Before a Networking Event

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Ever wonder how you could connect in an easier and faster way with the people that matter to you the most?

Well not to worry, the answer lies in how you leverage your online social networking skills via social media platforms.

Now the important thing to remember when you are leveraging social media platforms is that: you want connect with the right people at the right time.

You should know the people in your field and they should know about you in the right ways!

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Because there are so many social media platforms and tools to use, social media networking can be frustrating and can be difficult to adapt to.

So to make things easier for you, we will highlight the top 5 platforms with the top 5 things that you help you network before an event.

Here are the tops 5 things to do on the top 5 platforms before any networking event:

1) Facebook

  1. Update/maximize your profile. (If you want to learn more on how to maximize your online profile contact us)
  2. Friend anyone who is attending the event, or anyone you wish to connect at the event (organizers, venues, sponsors, speakers, others attendees).
  3. Search for the event and make it evident that you are attending.
  4. Share the event link with your Facebook community.
  5. “Like” any brands or organizations that will be present at the event.

*Bonus: Depending on size of event, create a pre-event drink event to meet people who are attending before the actual event.

Benefit: Fastest and easiest way to share content and generate a mass following.

Possible Limitation: You can only share with your community.


2) Twitter

  1. Update/maximize your profile and bio (good headshot, relevant tags like employment and education, other website links, profile links to any other website profiles you may have).
  2. Follow anyone who is attending the event or anyone you wish to connect with at the event (organizers, sponsors, venues, speakers, attendees).
  3. Search and ask for the event hashtag.(If there isn’t one, urge the organizer to create one)
  4. Tweet about the event before it starts (mention hashtags and twitter handles).
  5. Tweet to anyone who you wish to connect with at the event. Example: @Namehere I look forward to connecting with you at today’s event.

Benefit: Fastest way to increase traffic to your blog and gain global exposure outside from your community.

Possible Limitation: Post/Information may become lost as new tweets are quickly generated.

3) LinkedIn

  1. Update your profile (contact us for more information).
  2. Connect with anyone who is attending the event (organizers, suppliers, speakers, attendees).
  3. Connect with the company who is having the event.
  4. Share an update in regards to the event including any links about the event.
  5. Research and look within your groups to see who would benefit from the event and let them in on the details.

Benefit: Fastest and easiest way to connect with event community.

Possible Limitation: Reaches out to a more professional community, so you may miss out on informing others.

4) Google+

  1. Update your profile (contact us for more information).
  2. Research your circles and see who might be interested in the event and share it with them.
  3. Friend anyone who you wish to connect with at the event.
  4. Send a message to anyone you wish to connect with at the event. Example: ” Hi, Molly. I look forward to meeting you at the event!”
  5. Integrate your WordPress site with Google Pages so people can easily add you to their circles. Create maximum exposure for your WordPress site in this new social media landscape.

Benefit: Easiest way to connect with people on different levels.

Possible Limitation: Not as many people on Google+, so it may become more difficult to reach out to others.

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5) Blogs

  1. Start to create your post before the event by adding in the general information including: location, time, venue, organizer, and host. (A benefit to creating a blog post summary first is that it makes it easier for you to just go back in after the event and add names and pictures)
  2. Update your blog. Make sure all of your links are working and make it look appealing to make a good first impression.
  3. If you want to use photos, link your Tumblr account to publish content from WordPress to Tumblr. Essentially, this will allow you to be in two places at once. It also allows you to perform tasks like unlike, delete, reblog and view posts).
  4. Develop a question to ask your audience at the end of your post. This will generate more views and interactivity and it will also leave them with something to think about.
  5. If you have a newsletter, let the people in your newsletter know of the upcoming event.

Benefit: Allows you to be the source of all traffic so you have more control.

Possible Limitation: It may take some time to build a loyal following and see feedback.

Now, these are the top five websites you should use when you are networking for an event.

They are the ones with the most following and interactivity, so they are the ones that can most benefit you the most.

Properly utilizing these tips can help you grow your connections and build a stronger reputation.

So now we’ll turn things over to you!

Try these tips out before your next event and let us know if they helped you out at all.

Leave your comments below and check in with us next week to see how you can leverage these 5 social media platforms during an event.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Until next time.

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