Social Media Day Boston 2012 – A BostonTweetUp Review


What is Social Media Day?

Social Media Day is a day that decided to create on June 30th 2010 as a way to recognize the digital revolution happening right before our eyes. Organizers from cities all over the world decide to put together an event to showcase what social media means for that city or town.

The event has been declared official by 17 cities worldwide and three U.S. states. This year, we have tens of thousands of people participating throughout the world.

Social Media Day Boston History

We hosted the very first Social Media Day Boston, which at the time was the 8th largest in the world.

Social Media Day Boston 2010

We decided to have diverse set of professionals speak on the state of social media. There were 8 individual talks on higher education, small business, marketing, dating, Entertainment (music), government, traditional media, and non-profits. Then we concluded with an open panel and Q&A session with all the speakers. Steve Garfield, one of the first video bloggers, streamed the event live for those people that were not able to make the event and we recorded all the speakers for future reference.

Last year Social Media Day Boston 2011 was hosted by Arnold. Their event hosted a panel that exclusively spoke about Location-Based Social 2.0.

This year, Saturday, June 30, 2012, the College of Communication at Boston University decided to continue with the panel theme for Social Media Day Boston 2012 with 2 panels. A sports panel, with reps from the Boston Celtics, The Patriot and the Red Sox, and a branding panel, with reps from Allen & Gerritsen, Dunkin Donuts and And there were closing remarks from Startup Health.

The event was followed by an open tent reception.

The event brought together students, mostly from Boston University, and professionals passionate about social media in and around Boston for a lively discussion and networking.

What happened Social Media Day 2012?

The day started with an opening remark from Boston University’s New Media expert and big shot professor, Steve Quigley (@SteveQuigley). An engaging opening with intro videos from Mashable and the Patriots was a great transition to the first panel.


Panel 1: Sports & Social Media

@ErinSharoni photo by WayneNH, on Flickr

The first panel was a Sports and Social Media panel with moderator Erin Sharoni (@ErinSharoni), co-host of CNBC Sports Biz, and …

@meggyry, @berkeryc and @peterstringer photo by WayneNH, on Flickr

social media representatives from Boston’s sports teams, Meghan Ryan (@meggyry) from Boston Redsox, Christy Berkery (@berkeryc) from New England Patriots, and Peter Stringer (@peterstringer) from Boston Celtics.

It was an interesting panel with speakers talking about managing their brand Twitter account to how they deal with individual players’ social media accounts that can reflect on the brand image as a whole yet need to maintain individual character.

Other topics such as using Google+ and other platforms and how to choose the right tools for different brands also created a fun debate.


(See more of the lively discussion below in our more in-depth multimedia recap)

Panel 2: Brands & Social Media

There was a short break after the panel which was a great time for people to network, connect and discuss what they thought about the panel.

The second panel, Brand and Social Media was with moderator, Steve Quigley (@stevequigley) and speakers Tamsen McMahon (@tamadear) from allen & gerritsen, Tyler Cyr (@tylercyr) from Dunkin’ Donuts and Eric Stoller (@EricStoller) from 

The panel discussed topics from how to use social media as a customer service tool to measuring social media ROI that matter.

As you can tell, there were some great tweets throughout the day and #SMdayBoston along with BU COM, Eric Stoller and Tamsen McMahon were trending in Boston during the event. 

The closing remarks were by Unity Stoakes who challenged us to think about what our last tweet would be.

(See more of the lively discussion below in our more in-depth multimedia recap)

There were also some fun discussions on Google+, Blackberry and Reddit. Check our Storify below for more awesome tweets people shared.

Social Media Boston 2012 Tag Cloud
Here’s tagcloud snapshot of the #SMDayBos 2012

One notable fun moment was when Eric Stoller mentioned JetBlue Airway’s Twitter account and how they respond to every tweets they receive, participants started tweeting at @JetBlue and of course got a fun response from the company.

See all the other hilarious Jetblue #SMDayBos tweets below!

Participants could also play Buzz Word Bingo throughout the event. Each participants had different Bingo cards where they could cross off words that were said during the panel discussions.

Buzzword Bingo

Two lucky winners, @ellegant and @mariusnn, each walked away with $100 Amazon gift cards. Congrats!

People also enjoyed the photo booth hosted by @SocialPix.

See all the other awesome @SocialPix photos below and on the BU Com Facebook Social Media Day photo album

The event ended with free appetizers and open bar at the College of Communication lawn where Dean Elmore (@DeanElmore) and Tom O’Keefe (@BostonTweet) gave a mini toast to start off a fun networking session.

Overall, the event was a great success. With the audience asking questions and discussing throughout the panel using Twitter, it was a lively and engaging conference.

Check below for some awesome Twitter conversation that went on throughout the event!

More information:

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Registration: Eventbrite
Venue: Boston University

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Mashable Social Media Day Boston 2012 @comugrad – A BostonTweetUp Recap

Mashable Social Media Day Boston 2012 @comugrad – A BostonTweetUp Recap. For a complete review

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SATURDAY: 2PM #Mashable #smdayBOS hosted by @comugrad @tylercyr @peterstringer @berkeryc @unitystoakes @meggyryBostonTweetUp
Mashable Social Media Day Boston 2012: Boston Gorillasbucomugrad
Boston Gorillas Invite HubSpot to Social Media Day 2012bucomugrad
Boston Gorillas Invite Brand Networks to Social Media Day 2012bucomugrad
Just got off the phone with the folks at @socialpix. Very excited to announce that they’ll be providing a photo station at #SMDayBOS!BU COM
Still stuck on the waiting list for #SMDayBOS? Tweet a question for our panelists to answer during the event! (hint, hint)BU COM
.@dcm510 here’s the program! #smdayBOSMicha Sabovik
Coming to Social Media Day on Saturday? Ask our panelists a question with the #SMDayBOS hashtag for a chance at extra #swag.BU COM
Update your #smdayBOS RSVP to include your name, job and twitter handle ASAP. We are printing the name tags tomorrow. Sabovik
Want to get off the wait list or score VIP seating for #SMDayBOS? Ask a good question for our sports or brand-building social media panel!BU COM
Word on the street that @BostonTweet will be in the house for #SMDayBOS. And now, rumors swirling about another surprise guest…BU COM
Who’s got song requests for the #SMDayBOS playlist tomorrow? We need some hip, new stuff that all the kids are listening to.BU COM
400+ RSVPs, 9 fantastic speakers and 1 large room that has a/c — get ready for #smdayBOS tomorrow! Sabovik
@travelingfiend casual dress code. #SMDayBOSMicha Sabovik
This is cool, but 1 of the bests in #Boston, @Digitas, is missing from the map in the vid, @BostonGorillas. #smdayBOS Burgner
#SMdayBOS attendees: If you need your caffeine fix, plan ahead. No food/drinks allowed in Tsai Performance Center.BU COM
Amped to rep @brandnetworks with some @socialpix at #SMdayBOS. Stop by to check it out!Juliana Nicholson
Excited to be represented at #smdayBOS by @socialpix this afternoon. Stop by to check us out.Brand Networks, Inc.
They’ll be beer here in 5 hours. Psyched for #SMdayBOS.
Prepping the multi-cam shoot for #smdayBOS at @comugrad. Look your best, panelists!Mark Denega
Lights, camera, action! In 30 min this place is gonna be packed. #SMdayBOS Kashdan


Stoked to be attending Social Media Day Boston hosted by @COMugrad @DeanSaboSays #smdayBOSEric Stoller
Looking forward to heading to #SMDayBos this weekend. #SMDay #Boston #BUWayne Kurtzman
Me too! Who else is going? RT @waynenh: Looking forward to heading to #SMDayBos this weekend. #SMDay #Boston #BURyan Connors
Looking forward to participating in #smdayBOS this weekend!Meghan Ryan
Just got an email of presenters for #smdayBOS on Saturday. Excited to learn from awesome people!Valerie Heruska
@tamadear is a building brands panelist at #smdayBOS #soexcited #fromtweetingtomeeting @comugrad did a great job recruiting!Rebecca Smith
Hoping to hit up #smdayBOS & represent @Gr8BosFoodBank cc: @BostonGorillas @comugradSpencer Sherman
Excited to have made it off the waitlist for #SMDayBos! Looking forward to Saturday @comugrad.Andrew Hinkell
Excited to speak about Social Media for Social Good at Boston U. on Sat. Tweet questions to #smdayBOS #startuphealthUnity Stoakes
Who else is going to @mashable’s Social Media Day in #Boston this Saturday? Look for me- I’ll be there! #smdayBOS roque ®
Excited for #smdayBOS with @alex11shuck! Is it Saturday yet?Jessica Urban
Excited for #smdayBOS!! I see some familiar faces on the RSVP list! @juliiiparra @chrissytaubs @dr_defense @alex11shuckLissette Martinez
Wicked excited!! #SMDayBos Hayward
Really hoping @comugrad has another #smdayBOS in the fall! #IWantToGoDany Vasquez
Looking forward to Saturday and #smdayBOS at #BU. Stoller
Stoked for #SMDayBOS tomorrow. Excited to see everyone there @comugrad @pkresge @DeanSaboSaysTaylor Aldredge
Psyched 4 this RT @BostonTweetUp TOMORROW: 2PM #smdayBOS hosted by @comugrad @peterstringer @berkeryc @unitystoakesTC
Thrilled to be attending my first royal Social Media Day at #BU with @mashable – thou will be knighted for putting this together. #smdayBOSKing Richard
Pumped to be a part of @Mashable’s #SMDayBOS tomorrow hosted by @comugrad:
#SMDayBOS 🙂 can’t waitSara Engelsman
#smdaybos with @danidupa later on today! Excited to listen to the different speakers.Alyssa Ellis
It’s a nice hot day for #smdayBOS! Can’t wait for the panels, going to be an awesome day!Dylan Manley
So excited for #SMDayBOS today! Looking forward to all the fantastic speakersValerie Heruska
Happy Social Media Day! Can’t wait to celebrate with @comugrad and @SidneyColie! #SMDay #smdaybosTeagan Rae
Looking forward to @comugrad’s #smdaybos event today – looks like a great line up of speakers!Natasha Kahn
Excited for #smdayBOS with @kjlagrave!David Charns
Happy #SMdayBOS! Can’t wait to hear from some smart folks today. I’ll be repping @Shareaholic so come say hi!Ginny Soskey
A hot beautiful morning for #SMdayBOS @comugrad!Tom Schrank
But actually, @instagram needs to start working again. It’s #SMdayBOS for crying out loud!Kate Scott
Thank god! @instagram is back up and working for @mashable #SMdayBOS! Let the picture taking commence!Kate Scott
Happy Social Media day! Heading to a Boston University #Mashable conference to celebrate this hot Saturday with some cool panels #SMdayBOSYulia Sovenkova
I’m attending Social Media Day Boston hosted by @COMugrad #smdayBosJessica Gawrych
Getting pumped for #smdayBOS! @mashsocialmedia @comugradElise Kovi
Looking forward to spending #smday by attending #SMdayBOS later today!Carly Fleming
Getting exited to rep @BUPRSSA at #SMdayBOS with @juliangreeneCarol Kerbaugh
@BUCOMGrad Excited for #SMDAYBOS !Jonathan De Costa
Excited to be back at #BU @comugrad for #SMdayBOSChristine Warner
Time to get pumped! RT @Jono_Tweettime: @BUCOMGrad Excited for #SMDAYBOS !BU COM Grad Services
So who’s coming to #SMDayBOS at BU?Peter Stringer

Check in

#boom #smdaybos Hayward
Such a good looking welcome crew. @tschrank @katescott10 @jnweiner #smdayBOS Kovi
#smdaybos Kaplan
Checkin is under way at #SMdayBOS! Scott
Ready for #smdaybos with @bendiko! 🙂 #GSBostonStina Liland Nys
Jenga! I would kill @RichRetyi in social media buzzword bingo. #smdaybos Sosin
Gotta love the BS Bingo cards here at #SMDayBOS. #genius Stringer
Prep for #SMDayBOS! (@ Boston University College of Communication (BU COM) for Mashable Social Media Day – Boston…) Scott
Almost ready to start check-in. Follow along today with #SMdayBOS. (You might be on the big screen!)BU COM
#smdaybos with @jasonmkaplan! (@ Tsai Performance Center) St. Ours
#smdayBOS (@ Tsai Performance Center) Kerbaugh
Just got to #SMdayBOS and we’re the first to sit in the front row! Pumped!Allison O’Quin
#SmDayBOS !!!! (@ Tsai Performance Center w/ @carolkerb) Greene
Finally time for #smdayBOS! @comugrad (@ Tsai Performance Center w/ 4 others) Manley
Let #smdayBOS begin (@ Tsai Performance Center w/ 7 others) [pic]: Mane
#SMDayBos! Here with @jshkang to hear some great speakers for our millions of #socialmedia jobs and hobbies. [pic]: Hibbard
I’ve arrived for #smdaybos (@ Boston University College of Communication (BU COM) for Mashable Social Media…) [pic]: Herzog
Here for #SMdayBOS with @namoawed and @jess_owen! (@ Tsai Performance Center w/ 19 others)
Settled in for #SMdayBos with @mariram13! (@ Boston University College of Communication (BU COM) for Mashable Soci…) McVerry
#smdayBOS (@ Tsai Performance Center w/ @sportsgirlkat @joselinmane @juliangreene @carolkerb) Soskey
Here at #smdayBOS with the coolest crew: @ericstoller, @ValerieHeruska and @JoselinMane.Kat Hasenauer
Seated and ready to go at #SMDayBOS #excited #inspiredSofiya Mahdi
Just checked in @tsaicenterBU for @comugrad’s #SMDAYBOS! So excited!Sonia Su
Got here ON TIME for #smdaybos #miracle @comugrad (@ Tsai Performance Center w/ @teaganrae @juliangreene) [pic]: Troelstrup
Just landed in my seat at #smdaybos (@ Tsai Performance Center w/ 27 others) Sosin
#smdaybos weeeeee! (@ Tsai Performance Center w/ @ashlyn_stours) Reohr
Wish we could have done something special w/ @4sqOnCampus for BU’s event for #SMDayBos, so many #socialmedia buffs checking in at one placeDee Hibbard
#smdaybos (@ College of Arts and Sciences) Soares
#smdaybos (@ Tsai Performance Center w/ @carolkerb) Dots
Happy #SMdayBOS! (@ Boston University College of Communication (BU COM) for Mashable Social Media Day – Boston @co…) Burgner
Happy #smdayBOS! (@ Boston University College of Communication (BU COM) for Mashable Social Media Day – Boston @co…)
#SMdayBOS (@ Boston University College of Communication (BU COM) for Mashable Social Media Day – Boston @comugrad) m. morales
#SMdayBOS (at College of Arts and Sciences) [pic] — Ryan
Celebrating #SMdayBOS with @alex11shuck (@ Boston University College of Communication (BU COM)) [pic]: Urban
#smdaybos (@ Tsai Performance Center w/ 31 others) Hewitt
#smdaybos (@ Tsai Performance Center w/ 32 others) Frushour
@berkeryc fan club #smdaybos (at Boston University) [pic] — Huggins
Mashable’s Social Media Day! #SMDayBOS (@ Tsai Performance Center w/ @joselinmane) Waquar
#smdayBOS (@ Tsai Performance Center w/ 37 others) Martinez
#smdaybos (@ Tsai Performance Center w/ @joselinmane)
#smdaybos nametag. (at Tsai Performing Arts Center) [pic] — Soares
#smdaybos Ellis
Social media day at Boston university! #smdaybos Mirra
At #smdaybos hosted by @comugrad. Park
The moment I’m not loved enough to get my twitter handle typed on my name tag #smdayBos #smday Greene
With @ellegant and pumped for #SMDayBOS to start! Kang
Just arrived at #SMdayBOS @comugrad with @SidneyColie Rae
#smdaybos continues @ Boston University College of Communication (BU COM) Nicholson

Big Screen

The big board #SMDayBOS Aldredge
#sMdayBos. @comugrad big screen Eco Products
Twitter feed on the big screen at #smdayBOS Manley
At Tsai for #SMDayBos put on by @comugrad, time for the sounds of BU to get a social media upgrade! Bands
The big board #SMDayBOStaylor.aldredge
Awesome! Hi from San Francisco 🙂 #SMDAYBOS RT @comugrad .@OMGitsPaige You still made it on the big screen!Paige Robertson


.@ericstoller dressed to match the namebadge #smdaybos Heruska
#smdaybos Mirra
Phone obsession at #smdaybos Troelstrup
The most handsome professor opening #smdaybos. Prof. Big Shot 😉 @stevequigley Park
#smdayBos is opening the event with a @prezi by @stevequigley. @anchoredABBY and @nettebette would be excited to see thisJessica Gawrych
About to kick off #smdayBOS with a sports panel from @erinsharoni @berkernyc @peterstringer and @meggyry. Networks, Inc.
very pleased NOT to be watching the #SMdayBOS presentation on a PowerPoint. Hello @prezi! Win for @comugrad @BUCOMGradlaestaci
Bill Belichick Social Media Day 2012jawsentertainment
Ha! Bill Belichick finally opens up about when he’ll join social media #SMDayBos /via @PatriotsEric Andersen
Great location for #smdaybos #SeeThis Breidenbach
#smdayBOS BU alums – @peterstringer @berkeryc @tamadear @tylercyr @unitystoakes (all #COM alums except for @tamadear.) @comugrad @BUCOMGradMicha Sabovik

Sports Panel

Sports and #socialmedia panel w/ @berkeryc @peterstringer @meggyry & moderator @erinsharoni #smdaybos Park
1st panel is Sports & #SM w/ @erinsharoni (@CNBCSportsBiz) @berkeryc (@realpatriots) @peterstringer (@Celtics) @meggyry (@RedSox). #smdaybosTrish Fontanilla
The Sports & Social Media panel at #smdayBOS, including @ErinSharoni, @peterstringer, @meggyry & @berkeryc. Hasenauer
#SMdayBOS sports & social media panel featuring @meggyry @berkeryc @peterstringer
#smdayBOS is go. This was in my VIP gift basket:
"We want to be all the places Celtics fans are." – @peterstringer on how the #Celtics use social media. #smdayBOSKat Hasenauer
SoMe positions in sports are well below the market… getting the org. buy-in is one of the biggest challenges @peterstringer #smdaybosValerie Heruska
Sports panel first, speaking: @berkeryc, @peterstringer and @meggyry with @erinsharoni hosting #smdaybos King
Interesting to hear that the MLB is the only league that has a partnership with their teams to help with #socialmedia #SMdayBOSKate Scott
"Biggest thing is proving value through monetization from social media platforms" – @BerkerNYC #SMdayBosSofia Nasr
Big name sports brands are working hard to drive ticket sales via social media #SMdayBOS. ROI + ROC (Return on Community)?Eric Stoller
High demand and tons of content… How can sports teams expand their sm roles? The panel agrees monetization is key to expansion. #smdayBOSBrand Networks, Inc.
The Red Sox use MLB fan-alitics to track likes, etc. @meggyry #smdaybosValerie Heruska
"Best tool for social media analytics is a human resource. Spending money on program won’t truly track ROI." – @peterstringer #smdaybosSofia Nasr
#SMdayBOS social media analytics helps to track sales and increase database inquiries via @peterstringerNoelia Santa Ana
Fans already know what happened in the game — they’re looking for extra content @peterstringer #smdaybosValerie Heruska
In sports, the traffic to your page and the click throughs depend on how your team is doing. @peterstringer #SMdayBOSKate Scott
"We don’t control what our players put on Twitter. They are trying to maintain their own brands." – @peterstringer on the Celtics #smdaybosSofia Nasr
‘Case studies + internal analytics trump online tools’ #smdaybos @peterstringer @meggyry @berkerycNicole Troelstrup
The NBA has been the league with the biggest adoption of SoMe @peterstringer #smdaybosValerie Heruska
Clear message from this sports #smdaybos panel: vendors, it’s like baseball…you need better pitches.Eric Stoller
Not only do we share our players on field performance but also info about their charities @meggyry #smdaybosJoselin Mane
Too far gone with the vets but teams are getting the rookies early with media and social media training to avoid "vogue tweeters" #SMdayBOSKate Scott
Social media training during spring training. Athletes getting direction on and off the field. #SMdayBosSchyler Cain
Sports Media Panel! #smdaybos @comugrad Rose
Ideal social media voice for professional sports team: personality that reflects brand culture and brand identity #smdaybosSofia Nasr
"Many shots to create your reputation, one shot to ruin it." @ErinSharoni #smdayBOSElise Kovi
There is no ideal voice for social media. There is "your" voice or "your brand’s" voice. #SMdayBOS @comugradBU COMmunicator
@peterstringer on Celtics players’ social media: "you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube – once its out, it’s out." #smdaybosBen Huggins
Love the question #smdayBos, great answer from @berkeryc, lots of agreement on the panel but best answer from my view Hibbard

LA Kings’ Social Media Style

Tweeps: What did you all think of the LA King’s "uncensored" twitter account? #smdayBosValerie Heruska
That type of account does more disservice to the brand @meggyry #smdaybosValerie Heruska
@erinmharris @meggyry agreed. They are right. LA media is its own microcosm, & it’s not surprising that the LA Kings did that. #SMDayBOSTaylor Aldredge
As much as "uncensored" tweets are funny and edgy. Social media voice should reflect the brand personality- @berkeryc #SMdayBOS @comugradMing S. Onsri
It’s great to be funny, but you have to keep your established brand personality in mind. #SMdayBosSchyler Cain
Gold star, @peterstringer: the @celtics brand is about the Celtics and their history, not bashing other teams. #smdayBOSErin M. Harris
I’m with @meggyry: you don’t want to stoop the level of lame "fans" – that doesn’t do anything for you or your brand. #smdayBOSErin M. Harris
"We don’t want to mess up 60 years of history with one tweet… " sarcastic remarks aren’t our brand -@PeterStringer #celtics #SMDayBosWayne Kurtzman
"Generations of fans, decades of history… I don’t wanna mess that up with one tweet": Celtics’ @peterstringer #smdayBOS #brandvoiceBrand Networks, Inc.
I’d rather speak in the voice of our brand & it’s history vs being a funny guy on twitter @peterstringer #smdaybosJoselin Mane
Boston sports teams like to keep it clean and classy on Twitter #SMdayBOSChristine Warner
The Celtics, Red Sox and Pats like to keep their image clean online, and keep to strong traditions #smdaybosEmily Wienberg
Audience Q & A coming up for our #SMDayBOS panel. Get your questions ready!BU COM
@comugrad keeping everyone in the loop and in the conversation for #smdayBOS Networks, Inc.

Social Media Platforms

What platforms do Boston sports teams use? Mostly twitter, Facebook, SM managers from the Celtcs, Patriots and Sox say #smdayBOS @comugradJon Mayer
Question re: variety of platforms: do what works for you. Don’t force yourself into platforms that don’t fit your style/brand. #smdayBOSErin M. Harris
There are so many platforms out there. Focus on the ones where your audience are. – @berkeryc #SMDayBOSNaEun Park
#SMDayBOS Great of you have millions of fans on Facebook but if you don’t know anything about them what good is it?Jessica Owen
At any point, Facebook could cut us out so it’s important to collect data to better service the fans @peterstringer #smdaybosCiri Haugh
By far @Twitter is the most used #SM tool for these three digital team reps @berkeryc @peterstringer @meggyry #smdaybosBessie King
People/companies pay more attention to twitter than Facebook? Maybe. Things are definitely changing #SMdayBOSBU COMmunicator
@bucommunicator You need to ask WHAT people use a platform for, not just IF they use it. #smdayBOSErin M. Harris
"I use Twitter a lot as customer service vehicle for the organization." – @meggyry on using it to enhance fan experience #smdaybosSofia Nasr
I love how @meggyry uses twitter as a customer service tool for the @RedSox. So in tune with the fans! #SMdayBOSNina Follman
"Social media is the new customer service platform" – @berkeryc #smdayBosJessica Gawrych
"I see Twitter as the best platform to engage, to sell, and to communicate on social media." – @meggyry #smdaybosSofia Nasr
You can have millions of fans, but if you don’t know anything about them, where’s the value in that? #smdaybosKaitlyn Soares
Good call, @meggyry: Pinterest can be a good place to show off team merchandise. #smdayBOSErin M. Harris
The Red Sox don’t have Instagram at the moment, due to some sort of issue with MLB. Interesting – hadn’t thought of that. #smdayBOSErin M. Harris
"What success might look like on Twitter will look different on Facebook." – @peterstringer #SMDayBOSNaEun Park
Pinterest in Sports: Boards dedicated to history of the team, highlighting fans who use the brand, etc.. #smdaybosValerie Heruska
"Twitter inextricably tied to journalism." @peterstringer #smdayBOSElise Kovi
@meggyry says she uses Google+ to enhance search optimization. Interesting point. #smdaybosSofia Nasr
#redsox on Twitter primarily customer service, Facebook for photo/video, G+ for seo, Tumblr/Pinterest too. @meggyry #smdaybosAri Herzog
"no evidence to suggest anyone’s actually using Google+" but good for SEO @peterstringer #smdaybosNatasha Kahn
"Present same content in a slightly different way on the different social media platforms." @berkeryc #smdayBOSElise Kovi

Twitter vs Facebook

@Meggyry hit it on the nail: if she had to choose one social media tool, she’d choose @Twitter #smdaybos King

Career Advice

Advice to students and others wanting to go into this field: "You have to realize sports is a lifestyle, not a job." – @meggyry #smdayBOSKat Hasenauer
Oral and written communications are essential when considering a job in social via @meggyry #smdaybosCiri Haugh

Recommend Strategy / Tools

When new social media platforms arise, it is key for a brand to grab a username and anchor down its presence -@peterstringer #smdayBosJessica Gawrych
. @peterstringer drops the #Celtics anchor on new social platforms to keep impostors at bay. Waits to see adoption. #smdaybosRyan Sosin
TIP: As soon as a new platform comes out we at least reserve our @celtics name just in case platform grows @peterstringer #smdaybosJoselin Mane
About reserving name on social platforms, check if your name is available – #SMDayBOS #SocialMediaJoe Sabado
@JoeSabado thats a good one I would recommend @knowem to find out if your desired username is available across 500 platforms #smdaybosJoselin Mane
@JoselinMane @knowem nice! I didn’t know about that one. Thanks.Joe Sabado
@joesabado If you have any questions feel free to reach out :-)KnowEm?™


@peterstringer says just because you have social media platforms to manage doesn’t mean don’t forget about your website content. #smdaybosSofia Nasr
@peterstringer Kickin’ it old school, "we also have this thing called" #SMdayBOSCarly Fleming
We’re not going to pay someone to create these communities. We went directly to fb and they worked with us via @peterstringer #SMdayBOSAllison O’Quin
FYI #SMdayBOS, Twitter is not social media. It’s a social media tool. Let’s make sure we remember all networks build the social ecosystemAnum Hussain

How to respond to Negative Comments on Social Media

Great idea from @meggyry re: negative fans. Don’t respond, but keep an eye on it, and make execs aware of them. #smdayBOSErin M. Harris
. @meggyry says they DO respond to any customer service issues, though. (As they should.) #smdayBOSErin M. Harris
. @RedSox don’t answer neg tweets about what happens on field but do respond to #custserv problems then bring it to senior execs #SMdayBOSKate Scott
Social media didn’t create trolls (and their behavior)…it just gave them a larger public platform. #smdayBOSEric Stoller

Reporting Social Media

Love @meggyry explaining her "pulse report" to comminicate trends and customer interaction with @RedSox executives #SMdayBOSLauren Joseph
#SMdayBOS reporting in social media is helpful to top management to see how the brand is exposure on Social Media platformsNoelia Santa Ana

Google+ Part 1

"no evidence to suggest anyone’s actually using Google+" but good for SEO @peterstringer #smdaybosNatasha Kahn
How does Google+ stay in the conversation? Maybe we just haven’t figured out how it’s supposed to work yet? #SMdayBOSSchyler Cain
"Does anyone use Google+? Please raise your hand."- @erinsharoni. No hands were raised in the auditorium #smdayBosJessica Gawrych
I counted only 3 people raising their hands and claiming to use Google + #SMdayBOSCaitlin O
"How many people are using Google+? Five." Sad, but hilariously true. #smdayBOSAlia Mohsen
5 active Google Plus users according to @ErinSharoni #smdaybos @comugradTeagan Rae
I only use Google+ when I’m skydiving. #justsayin #smdayBOSEric Stoller
Yep still hate Google+ #SMdayBOS glad I’m not aloneJulian Greene
I only use Google+ when @EricStoller is skydiving. #SMdayBOSGordon Ryan
Google+ is super useful. It’s just not great as a social media platform. However, hangouts are super rad! #SMdayBOSEric Stoller
There are more Reddit users in this audience than G+. Just sayin’. #smdayBOSErin M. Harris

Bingo Winners!

Bingo!!! @comgrad #SMdayBOSKenn Elmore
I may not win the gift card but I’m pretty sure I got the coolest BINGO card. #smdayBOS #ninja Kovi
Bingo? I think.. #SMDayBos @comugrad Hibbard
Did @peterstringer’s monologue earn you BINGO? Tweet a picture of it and then come find me. #SMDayBOS cc @comugradMicha Sabovik
Thanks @comugrad! this is probably gonna buy my JO books for Summer 2 #smdaybos #ineverwinanythingcool Hibbard
@comugrad Thanks for helping me stock up on pretty much anything from #amazon. #SMDayBOS Bingo #win N Nicolaysen


#SMdayBOS come on back everyone! Getting ready to start our Building Brand with Social Media panel.BU COM
Can’t wait to hear what the Brands Panel has to say! @tylercyr @tamadear @EricStoller #SMdayBOS #SMday #socialmediaAdriana Mirra
Here’s the panel @ericstoller @tamadear @tylercyr #smdaybos Heruska
Brand & #socialmedia panel w/ @tylercyr @tamadear @ericstoller & moderator @stevequigley. #SMDayBOS Park
2nd panel, brands & #sm w/@stevequigley + @tylercyr (@DunkinDonuts) @tamadear (@allengerritsen) @EricStoller (@insidehighered). #smdaybosTrish Fontanilla
#SMdayBOS branding panel featuring @ericstoller @tamadear @tylercyr is starting!
Up now Brands panel, speaking: @tylercyr @tamadear and @EricStoller hosted by @ stevequigley #smdaybos King
@tamadear and @EricStoller should swap seats so their microphones match their outfits 🙂 #SMdayBOS @comugrad S. Onsri
"you get out of social media what you put into it" – @tamadear #smdayBOSSara Engelsman
I agree w/ @tylercyr that not only should content be realtable and engaging, but also be entertaining to create a following. #smdaybosSofia Nasr
Get out of social media what you put into it. Don’t be on social media just to be on it. @tamadear #smdayBOSElise Kovi
#SMdayBOS content in social media is what you want to say and what your audience want to hearNoelia Santa Ana
Note to self: don’t go to a party with a bulletin board trying to sell something @EricStoller #branding #brandspanel #SMdayBOSKate Scott
Social Media is an integration tool, not a sales tool. @tamadear #SMdayBOSFarida Waquar
"Social Media is not a sales tool, it’s an integration tool- meant to integrate your on-going message"- @tamadear #SMdayBOSLauren Joseph
The first rule of social media is listening #smdaybos @tylercyrThe Golden One
Engagement rates are most important to Dunkin’ Donuts on social media, because they aren’t particularly selling on social. #smdayBOSKat Hasenauer
"We’re not selling on social media, we’re engaging" – @tylercyr #SMdayBOSSchyler Cain

Metrics Reports & ROI

What you report depends on who you report to. – @tamadear #socialmedia #SMDayBOSNaEun Park
Track everything, but report what matters. You need to be able to determine who wants to know what stats (and why). #smdayBOSErin M. Harris
#SMdayBOS @tamadear: All metrics matter, so if you’re managing social media, be savvy about what metrics matter to which people.Allyson
It’s all about being a good marketer & knowing how to connect with people. Key to good social media: Be a Good Human Being. #SMDayBOSTaylor Aldredge
Enter that Twitter party. It’s not about you. Build trust & acumen among community before doing anything promotional -@EricStoller #SMDAYBOSSonia Su
Who’s playing in your sandbox? If nobody is playing in your sandbox, you’re doing something wrong via @EricStoller #SMdayBOSAllison O’Quin
"Don’t let reach or impressions undermine honesty of content." – @ericstoller #smdaybosSofia Nasr
It’s not about impressions or reach, it’s about engagement #SMdayBOSChristine Warner
ROC- return on community. VS ROI @ericstoller #SMdayBOSLauren Joseph
Social media industry is immature and still developing #smdayBosJessica Gawrych
#SMdayBOS metrics in social media are still in working process via @ericstollerNoelia Santa Ana
"Look at reach and probability of action. How likely are followers to act?" – @tamadear #smdaybosSofia Nasr
"Building community…more than building sales. It’s about engagement" nicely put @ericstoller #smdaybosGenni Kurtzman
Metrics that matter: reach and probability of action #SMdayBOSChristine Warner
#smdayBOS wise words: Gauge success by what people do as a result of your actions.Brand Networks, Inc.
& gets less traffic RT @SofiaSoFierce: "Go with platform that gets more followers to act, even if it’s more expensive." -@tamadear #smdaybosNaEun Park
Reach and probability of action are what we should be measuring rather than just number of impressions @tamadear #SMdayBOSAllison O’Quin

Google+ Part 2

Google plus is like plaque, you didn’t really want it there but you can’t really get it out. @EricStoller #SMdayBOSBecca Golden
Not many kind words for Google+ today #SMdayBOSCarol Kerbaugh
"Google+ is not like Facebook where I’m connected with people from highschool I don’t want to remember." -@tamadear #smdayBosJessica Gawrych
"Google+ in my GCal is like Plaque – I don’t really want it, but there it is." @EricStoller @comugrad #smdayBOS Hit the nail on the headJon Mayer

Paper Notebooks

Using True Prep to write my notes on at #SMdayBOS. I feel like @crwilcox and @rachelapaul would approve Rae
My notes be all a mess. Information overload. #smdaybos Troelstrup
Bringing a moleskine was so unnecessary today. Typical event with @comugrad, all my notes are on twitter #typical #SMdayBOSRebecca Smith
@BeckyHollis @comugrad LOL I totally brought my Moleskine, too! I usually take notes by hand AND tweet, but not today. #smdayBOSErin M. Harris
Social Media Day in Boston. 2nd panel for the afternoon. #SMdayBOS Joseph
To succeed organizations must get over their fear of change. Don’t give things up, add new layers on top of the old. #smdayBOSBrand Networks, Inc.
"We have layer and layer of tools we add on generationally. We are not getting rid of tools, but adding layers." – @ericstoller #smdaybosSofia Nasr
Tools change and evolve. They don’t go away, but new layers are added. #SMdayBOSChristine Warner
Remember that the TOOLS will always change; your strategy is what’s important. #smdayBOSErin M. Harris


"Blackberry is not either smart or phone," .@EricStoller jajaja! #burn #smdaybosBessie King
I remember all those commercials abt. smart apps on the the BlackBerry, those were short lived @EricStoller #SMDayBOSTaylor Aldredge
"Blackberries don’t count as smartphones because they’re not smart or phones."- @ericstoller @comugrad #SMdayBOSLauren Zinn
@tylercyr your Blackberry use is forgiven because you bring donuts. #smdaybosEric Stoller

Location Based Services

Location-based social listening is just as important as social participation #SMdayBOSChristine Warner
"3% of social users check in" and use location based social @tamadear #smdaybosSpencer Sherman
@ericstoller highlights BN client AmEx as an innovator in location based social media #smdayBOSBrand Networks, Inc.

Business Tips / Corporate Culture

Make social part of job descriptions if it applies to your employees. Recognize that it’s important and a skill. (@EricStoller) #smdayBOSErin M. Harris
When a brand is strong internally, all employees stand with it and individuals come together to create a consistent character. #SMDayBOSNaEun Park
#SMdayBOS build trust within your company is key to help you to adapt new social networks via @tylercyr @comugradNoelia Santa Ana
Organizations need to realize that social media – as well as anything – is constantly changing. – @EricStoller #smdayBOSKat Hasenauer
"We aren’t far away from the day where every employee needs to be a champion for their organization via social media." – @tamadear #smdayBOSAlia Mohsen
Love @tamadear comparing today’s #SM staff to yesterday’s steno pool girls, "send that off to get socialed" #genius #smdaybos #smdaydennehypr
Brilliant. "Companies used to send something out to get typed. Now we send something out to get socialed" @tamadear #smdaybosSpencer Sherman
#SMdayBOS is social media changing cultures? Yes! Tools will always change but what is important is how to communicate and present ideasNoelia Santa Ana
#SMdayBOS build trust within your company is key to help you to adapt new social networks via @tylercyr @comugradNoelia Santa Ana
.@tylercyr It’s important for companies to have a culture that encourages you to try new things in social media #smdaybosAzure Collier
The ability to coherently communicate your thoughts will always be an invaluable skill, regardless of job title. #smdayBOSErin M. Harris


#smdayBOS "Mobile is going to be huge. Yeah that’s my prediction." -@tylercyr #funnyShelli Trung
I’m with the brands panel. 90% of my social media use is mobile #smdayBOSJoey Dots


Marketers paradox is dangerous. Think about it from a consumer side. If I was a customer, would I want to read this? – @tamadear #SMDayBOSNaEun Park
.@tamadear explains "the marketer’s paradox" – if u weren’t in mkting, would u take the action u expect consumers to make? #smdaybosNatasha Kahn
"Marketer’s paradox – if I were the customer, would I want to use this?" – @tamadear #smdayBOSShelli Trung
Excellent point by @tamadear: marketers need to get out of their head and think "what would I think if I were the consumer?" #smdayBOSErin M. Harris
Judge your content as a consumer #SMdayBOSChristine Warner
before you market something, ask yourself would you care about, read about, what you’re putting out @tamadear #residentskeptic #smdayBOSSara Engelsman

Engage Following with Questions

Questions and quirk drive engagement #SMdayBOSChristine Warner
Followers don’t bite! As a brand, when in doubt just ask #SMDayBOS @comugrad @tylercyrSofiya Mahdi
"Put something out there and just ask questions of your fan base." – @tylercyr on ideas for content #smdaybosSofia Nasr


. @EricStoller suggested that we all tweet @JetBlue and see if we can get a response. Helllloooo? #SMdayBOSKate Scott
.@EricStoller challenge accepted! Hey @jetblue, want to join us at #SMdayBOS? You can say hi. Tweets are projected on a 25 ft screen.Adam Engel
For those who missed it, @EricStoller says @JetBlue will respond if we tweet at them. Come on JB. Say hi to #smdaybos! #AdamsMonsterMashAdam Engel
@HeyAEE 25 ft screen?!?! Well, why didn’t you say so? How do we look on the big screen? cc: @EricStoller #SMdayBOSJetBlue Airways
Everyone tweet @JetBlue! @ericstoller Why don’t you fly to Philly? #SMdayBOSAllison Rose
@allisonrose33 We’re always evaluating new routes and expansion. That’s not on our radar yet, but stay tuned…. #SMdayBOSJetBlue Airways
Hey @jetblue… you all should be here.. talking about how well you Rep your brand #smdaybosValerie Heruska
@ValerieHeruska Awww…. <blushing> Well, thanks! We’re flattered 😉 #bringinghumanitybacktoairtravel #smdaybosJetBlue Airways
@JetBlue a bit more perspective of what’s happening in front of you off the screen #SMdayBos
@bottolteam Whoa! THAT is big… my my my. #SMdayBOSJetBlue Airways
@JetBlue Y’all look great on a 25ft screen. Ready for bikini season. #smdaybos Fontanilla
@trishofthetrade Why thank you! 🙂 Hard, you know, with all these awesome snacks about. #justsayin #SMdayBOSJetBlue Airways
@JetBlue @HeyAEE @EricStoller Shnazzy! #SMDayBOSTaylor Aldredge
@tayloraldredge Ummmm….. right back at you?! LOL CC: @HeyAEE @EricStoller #SMDayBOSJetBlue Airways
The @JetBlue folks getting much #smdaybos love thanks to @ericstollerThe Golden One
.@JetBlue that plane makes you look fly! Have you been working out? #SMdayBOSAdam Engel
@HeyAEE Ahem… why yes! Thank you for noticing. 😉 As one of your colleagues pointed out… it IS bikini season #justsayin #SMdayBOSJetBlue Airways


It pays to funny RT @TrendsBoston: Eric Stoller, @ericstoller is now trending in #Boston via @KateScott10 #SMdayBOS Mane
Eric Stoller, @ericstoller is now trending in #Boston Boston
Tamsen McMahon, @tamadear is now trending in #Boston Boston
BU COM, @comugrad is now trending in #Boston Boston


Awesome closing #smdaybos Golden One
Hashtags do not work that way! Good night #smdaybos! Engel

Photo Booth

You are what you tweet #SMdayBOS Kerbaugh
Photo on 2012-06-30 at 15:24.jpgazurecollier
Signs you can use in the #smdaybos photo booth Collier
I think I need to pose with "Badge Whore" #smdaybos #4sqfever @4square Kahn
The signs at the @socialpix booth seem like a huge hit. They’re right, my parents have no idea what my job is. #SMdayBOSBU COM
Signs at the #smdaybos photo booth, so accurate lol King
.@BUPRSSA Eboard reppin’ at #SMdayBOS @juliangreene Kerbaugh
#smdaybos with @laurenzinn and @courtneyrose7 @ Boston University College of Communication (BU COM) Reohr
Social Media Day at @comugrad. So, obviously I HAVE to tweet this photo with @ERICsansK and @kimbelree. #smdayBOS Mohsen


#shameless old school marketing at #smdayBOS :p Ramirez
Billowing out of the Tsai building at BU after #SMdayBOS, next stop beer tent. @ Boston University Joseph
Reception after #smdaybos on the @COMugrad lawn. Too appropriate. @ BU COM Lawn Hibbard
@deanelmore and @bostontweet toasting @comugrad’s #SMDayBos and the always handsome @tschrank Smith
Toast to social media day from @BostonTweet & @DeanElmore #SMdayBOS Scott
Cool swag #smdaybos Heruska

Post Event Reflections / Takeaways

#SMdayBosThe Social Media Story storified by Valerie Heruska
Jon: Tweetapalooza (AKA Social Media Day 2012) |Hello there future Terriers! I hope you are all having WONDERFUL summers, and getting a chance to go out and enjoy the beach/pond/pool/sw…
How Red Sox, Celtics & Patriots Use Social Media? Mashable Boston Event #SMdayBOS | The Papa PostThe Boston Mashable event at BU brought together the social media team from the top sports teams in the nation – Red Sox, Celtics and Pat…
@katie_collins I think that @JetBlue has a crush on me after all the #smdayBOS love. <3Eric Stoller
Have a BUSINESS PLAN before you start asking for a social media plan. #LikeableChat (via #SMdayBOS)Erin M. Harris
Forgot about this very appropriate take away – thanks #smdaybos! (yes it’s on a Pringles can) Shuck
@alex11shuck the best takeaway of all! #smdaybosGinny Soskey