5 Unique Things for Networkers to Do After a Networking Event


Hey again!

So by now we hope you feel more confident about the way you prepare yourself before the event and about the way you represent and carry yourself during the event. And we hope you are on your way to developing your personal brand and making a great first impression.

We want to make it a point to remind you that just because the event is over, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still continue to network or to increase your online and offline visibility. You’ve already started to enhance your online visibility beforehand and have interacted and presented yourself well during the event, so you should continue to engage and leverage yourself even after the event is over. Why? Well because this will help you stand out and become more memorable.

So to help you stay connected and grow your memorability, here are five unique things you should implement after a networking event.


Writing a review is a nice way to share and relive the experience/event with event members, and with those who could not attend. Just quickly and briefly summarize the event and share the review across social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. This will make you the source of information where everyone goes to to find information and recaps on the event. You can get real creative and instead of just typing out a review you can create a Storify, which allows you to take content that event guests have posted on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and Youtube on the event, and compile it all onto one visual story board. Writing a review is fun, easy, and it can help you grow your presence.


If you’ve built any new connections during the event, make it a point to search for them on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+, so that you can get reconnected and reacquainted. This is a real simple thing to do and takes only a few minutes out of your busy schedule. It’s a nice gesture and it will make you stand out and become more memorable even after the event is over. It’s good to stay connected because you never know who might benefit you in the future. Following up can also help grow your online visibility. So don’t forget them so that they won’t forget you!


Taken at: Strategic Fundraising: Leveraging Social Media and Events

You probably got the chance to take multiple photos and videos during the event, which is awesome because now you can go back to these and share/upload them on your social media platforms like Facebook and Google+. Sharing your photos and videos online can help you get reconnected with event members and can enhance your online presence. If you’re uploading these photos you want to make sure that you tag anyone you may know in these photos or videos. This can increase the traffic to your page and can grow your network. I mean, who doesn’t like looking at photos right? And especially if you are featured in them.


Another way for you to enhance your visibility and grow your network is by posting these photos onto your Pinterest board. Just create a new album titled after your event and pin all of the content you have gathered during the event onto your pin board. You can then share these boards with other event attendees either on Facebook or on Twitter. This is a good tool to use because it can grow your following. Anytime someone pins something from your site, it automatically pulls in not just the image from your site, but also a link. Pinterest is a fun way to share your content on multiple platforms and to maximize your exposure by driving in traffic to your online profiles. You can then share your storyboards with event attendees and be known as the source of all event information.


You probably had the chance to collect multiple business cards during the event. So instead of storing every individual contact onto our phone, use apps like CardMunch that allow you to quickly snap a photo of your business card and then quickly turn it into a business contacts. CardMunch will also show you their LinkedIn profile information and the connections you have in common. This is an easy and efficient way to grow your network and stay connected.

So, what tip(s) above will you experiment with after your next networking event? Leave your questions and comments below and let us know.