How to Best Network in 2013 – What Sponsors Can Do After a Networking Event : Networking 2.0 Style

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Welcome back sponsors!

And welcome to the final post!

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Now that we’ve shown you how to 1)best prepare before an event and 2) how to stand out during an event, as the fourth and final post in this four part series, we will be showing you: tips on what you can do after an event.

(If you missed the first three posts, make sure to check them out! You’ll want to read that first to follow us through these last and final tips. Part 1 Networking Summary, What Sponsors Can Do Before, and What Sponsors Can Do During.

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In order for you to find the best event that best suits you and best highlights your brand, you must utilize your networking skills from beginning to end.

We’ve already showed you how to network before and during an event, so now let’s move onto networking after an event. Here are just a couple of tips that should help you capitalize on the event.

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  • Create a blog post summary of event with photos videos which highlights event goals for the brand. List upcoming events.
  • Use the best pictures as testimonials on your homepage


  • Follow up with guests and event organizers. If they seemed to like your products/offerings, send them a follow up package. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Because you are investing into something that is out of your hands, and paying for participation in someone else’s efforts, you need to find the right event to partner up with.

And by following these Networking 2.0 tips, it will be easier for you to find that event that gives you the most value for your dollar.

So that’s all we have for you.

We hope these tips and techniques will make finding an event a much easier process for you.

Leave your comments below and let us know which tips you found most beneficial. Or what you wished to hear more about.

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