How to Best Network in 2013 – What Speakers Can Do During a Networking Event : Networking 2.0 Style

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If you are a reader who is returning, then welcome back!

If you are a new reader then make sure to check out our previous posts: How to Best Network in 2013- What Speakers Can Do Before a Networking Event: Networking 2.o Style. This will get you up to speed.

By now, you probably feel more comfortable about how you can engage, interact and network with your audience before the event begins.

At least I hope you do!

So now as the third post of this four part series, we will discussing how speakers can network during an event, both online and offline.

And we will be doing this by incorporating some of the tips we have given you in the second post.

Remember in our second post how we discussed creating Speaker Files, Speaker Rate, and a SlideShare?

Well if you did your homework, prepared all of your slides with Twitter handles and a hashtag, and embedded all of your slides to share with your audience,then this part will be easy for you!

So what can you do to network with your audience during your event?


  • Display the hashtag you have created prior to the event,on your slides. This encourages your audience to tweet and engage with you and your topic during the event.
  • Use the Tweetable slides (which you have already prepared in advance) that contain tweets on whatever it is you’re talking about.
  • Live stream any tweets about your event right onto your slides. This makes the experience more personal and encourages the audience to interact with you and your topic of discussion.
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  • Distribute your business cards with your name and contact information.
  • Distribute any special packages you have to offer to your audience.

Some of these tips may sound similar to the tips from the second post, but that is because you need to follow those first steps so that you can continue to network during the event.

Everything links together, which makes networking much easier for you!

So now during your next event, you can be prepared to network, even whilst your are giving your speech.

Sound good?

Anything you need more answers to? Or anything you want us to expand on?

Leave your comment and let us know!

Check in with us next week to find out the final steps that go into networking.

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