How to Best Network in 2013 – What To Do After a Networking Event : Networking 2.0 Style

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If you’ve stuck by us through this entire series you’re awesome!

And for that, we thank you.

If not, then make sure to take a look before reading this post. Start from 1 and work your way through. How to Best Network in 2013: Networking 2.0 Style

I hope these tips have been guiding you and showing you how truly easy networking can be, and how beneficial it is.

So now as the final piece to this series, we will be giving you two simple networking tips you can use, even after the event is over. If you are interested in learning more tips and resources make sure to signup for the ppcoming Networking 2.0 Book and subscribe to this blog.


  • Create a blog post about the event. Make sure to include not only a thorough description of the event, but to include photos as well! Photos of the event and more importantly, photos of the people you met. People love to look at photos of themselves and of other people, so by creating a blog post with photos, you can almost guarantee that your website will increase in traffic.
  • Make sure to also include and mention the event organizer, venue, sponsors, or any attendees from the event. Reaching out to them will make them feel special and can generate more views for your blog.
Measuring the Networked Nonprofit
Photo credit: BostonTweetUp. Taken at Measuring the Networked Nonprofit #MeasureUp Book TweetUp with Beth Kanter & KD Paine


  • Follow up with context. Setup a follow up meeting with the people you connected with at the event. It doesn’t have to be professional; it can just be over coffee or a drink. But make sure to follow up within 24hrs of the event. This is the best time to follow up.

So that’s all! We made it!

Now you have all the last networking tips that will help you succeed and build connections!

Put these tips into use and let us know how it goes!

Let us know what worked for you, or what didn’t work!

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