Music 2.0: Tools + Tech for Musicians, Marketers + Managers: The 2012 Edition A BostonTweetUp Review / Social Recap

Charles McEnerney hosts Music2 2012
Charles McEnerney hosts Music2 2012

What it’s all about…

Music 2.0 is an annual event that, as the name states, brings together Tools and Tech for Musicians, Marketers and Managers. The 2012 edition was the 3rd year in which Charles McEnerney brought together an eclectic group of passionate people all interested in the music industry. As Charles stats on the eventbrite page

Boston + New England has an impressive number of companies creating tools and technologies to help promote and fund music projects. We also have a vibrant and diverse music community. Let’s keep connecting the two for the benefit of both.

One slide captured the essence of the event.

The idea of the event is to learn about what a wide array of people are working on as we all figure out what music 2.0 looks like for each of us.

What happened…

The agenda was jammed packed with a variety of different speakers representing a wide range of products, services and specialized skill sets. All provided specific tools, tactics and strategies that can be immediately leveraged to provide an artist, group, label, etc a way to stand out in 2012.

Music2 2012 Agenda
Music2 2012 Agenda

Memorable moments… (see below for event highlights)
More Info…

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Here is a Social Media Recap of the event.