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MeetPlanGo June 2012

MeetPlanGo June 2012 Meet, Plan, Go! Boston is a group that connects travel enthusiasts that live in and around Boston to share ideas and events around Career-Break Travel. The group holds a monthly event where these connections go from online to offline. At the event, you meet like minded people who share experiences and knowledge to help you plan your trip and encourage you to go out there and travel! We did a recent recap of the event that was held at the end of April but since each meeting is so different, we would like to share with you about the June Meetup!

What happened at the event?

With around 28 members in the MPG Facebook group and more than 115 likes on its Facebook page, the Meetups are usually big and crowded. However, with the venue being held in Jamaica Plain this time, at Doyle’s Cafe, only a handful number of people managed to make it, which made it even more interesting.

It was a cozy group of nine travelers who all had different experiences and stories to share with the group. Because the group was small, the conversation flowed from one country to another. Everyone had more than enough to bring to the table with some funny stories and great observations from their trips around the globe.

Memorable Moments

The best part about the Meetup was that the attendees were constantly planning their upcoming trips or already knew where they were off to next. And because everybody had different travel experiences and expertise, everyone went around the table sharing facts and secrets of different countries people were planning to visit, giving them suggestions. One of the travelers, who is off to Europe in a couple of months, didn’t have anything but a one-way ticket and it was interesting to see people sharing their own favorite parts of Europe to help her plan next steps.

Since it was such a small and intimate group, people were very focused on the conversation and didn’t tweet throughout the event. There are many more Meet, Plan, Go events to come and Lillie Marshall, the organizer is also planning to have a huge event soon!

If you are a traveler or are interested in traveling, this is a great group to reach out to! If you are not planning to travel anytime soon, at least you can come out and listen to other people’s crazy and exciting travel stories!

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Meet, Plan, Go! – Boston 6/6/12 A BostonTweetUp Review

Meet, Plan, Go! – Boston 6/6/12 A BostonTweetUp Review – For a more detailed review visit our website

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WEDNESDAY: 6PM #MeetPlanGo Hosted by @WorldLillie @DoylesCafe #JamaicaPlainBostonTweetUp


At the #MeetPlanGo event! Park
MeetPlanGo Boston June 2012BostonTweetUp
MeetPlanGo Boston June 2012BostonTweetUp
MeetPlanGo Boston June 2012BostonTweetUp
MeetPlanGo Boston June 2012BostonTweetUp
MeetPlanGo Boston June 2012BostonTweetUp