Boston Bloggers June Meet + Greet – A BostonTweetUp Review


What it’s all about…BostonBloggers

Every other month, the Boston Bloggers community comes together for a night of networking and fun. The Meet + Greet events are especially designed for new members to come out and introduce themselves to the group but it’s a great event for all bloggers in the community. The June Meet + Greet was held in Anthem Kitchen + Bar on Thursday, June 7th from 6:30 – 8:30pm. With over 70 bloggers registered for the event, it was packed!

What is Boston Bloggers?

With over 200 members, Boston Bloggers bring together a unique group of bloggers in and around Boston with various types of blogs, interests and passion. The group, currently organized by Alison (@luvfromafar) and Katy (@katy_rose1), aims to build friendships, offer great networking opportunities, and spread the word about local blogs.

What happened?

Like many events should be, most of the bloggers who were attending the event got a chance to look at the guest list on Eventbrite, read attendees’ blogs and connect with them via Twitter before the event. The Boston Bloggers Facebook group is a great place for people attending the event to share information about venues and discuss logistics beforehand.

Each attendee received a nice checklist of “who’s who” at the event to check off who they met and follow up with them afterwards. Since the event is a networking event, attendees casually mingled and discussed their own blogs. Conversation ranged from Boston street fashion to the latest fitness trends. Bloggers usually gathered in groups discussing each others’ blogs and sharing contact information to become more active and involved in the community.

Why should you go?

Whether you are a professional blogger, an amateur blogger or someone interested in starting one, it’s an event worth checking out. There are so many different types of people and blogs in the Boston community and Boston Bloggers Meet + Greet is the ideal place to meet them to just have fun in a non-formal setting. Don’t know anything about blogging and want some personal tips from bloggers? Just want to find out about great blogs to add to your reader? Definitely a perfect event for you, too!

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