BostonTweetUp TV, Episode #85, Oct 31 2010


In this episode Joselin Mane highlight the 5 tweetups scheduled in the Boston area as well as six (6) other events that stood out this week. It’s a relatively light week of events. On Thrusday, David Gerzof’s Emerson students will go on the first TweetUp Crawl and will be going along with me to one or two events and 3 tweetups. You are more than welcome to join us. We will be starting at Emerson at around 5pm.

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(0:10) Joselin Mane

(1:14) AMA TweetUp info

(2:02) GovUp Event Details
(2:14) GovUp Event Details
(3:16) Social Nation Tweetup Details
(3:53) WineTweetup Details
(4:21) Kiki Mills Farewell Bash Event Details
(5:18) BurritUp 2 TweetUp Details
(5:36) Email Mafia Event Details

(6:01) Creativity Coffee Event Details
(6:25) TheCR Live Boston Event Details

(6:35) Boston Media Makers Event Details
(6:44) Boston Media Makers Event Details
(6:35) Open Street Map Event Details

Next Week
(7:14) Sushi at Minados Tweetup Details

Stay Connected
(7:43) BostonTweetUp Calendar