BostonTweetUp TV, Episode #66, June 20 2010

140 Conf
Image by Dan Patterson via Flickr

Joselin Mane covers the week of tweetups in the Boston area for the week of June 20-27 2010. There are five tweetups including @JeffPulver ‘s #140Conf tweetup. Joselin interviews @EllenRossano about what the tweetup is all about and how it relates to the upcoming #140Conf later this year. If you are unfamiliar with the #140Conf the interview highlights what makes it such a unique conference. To register for the #140Conf you’ll need to go to the meetup page, here’s a link

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Links to come….

(0:12) Joselin Mane

(1:04) Social Media Club event details

(1:36) Brightcove / Cantina Consulting Event
(2:01) Jeanne Dasaro’s info
(2:19) Changemakers tweetup info
(2:51) Founder Dialogues event details
(3:33) Details for the #140Conf Tweetup
(4:00) HellsKitchen tweetup info
(4:04) Shout out to
(4:12) Shout out to Adam Enbar
(4:24) Here is all the info on Night Owls
(4:51) Momentum Summit To get @BostonTweetUp Discount use code “tweetuptv”

(5:20) Info on Web Analytics Wed

(5:43) SliceNight info
(6:06) Here are the details about Justin Levy Book launch event
(6:32) Pokin Holes 49 event details

(6:54) Social Media Breakfast 13 event info
(7:06) Shout out to for putting together

(7:24) Shout to for putting together
(7:36) Boston TweetUp Calendar

Next Week
(7:58) Here is Social Media Day event details
(8:04) Here are the details for Nashua’s Tweetup info

Special Interview Section
(8:48) Ellen’s Twitter
(9:02) Jeff Pulver’s Twitter
(9:09) Here is all the info about the #140Conf tweetup
(10:47) Here is all the info about the #140Conf
(11:12) Shout out to SeaPort hotel
(11:14) Shout out to Tamo Bar
(11:36) Here is all the info about the #140Conf tweetup