BostonTweetUp TV, Episode #133, October 2 2011


This week Joselin Mane, BostonTweetUp co-founder, highlights 12 Boston area events (5 tweetups [#GeekEnd, #amab, #SST6, #SudburySocial, #TBHub], 3 conferences/camps and 4 non-tweetups).

He also quickly goes over two events from last week, #AppleLovers hosted by @AmyTraverso @Tosci and @ScottKirsner and the preliminary social media metrics from #BFWSwap*. (links below video)

*@BostonTweetUp was brought in to help enhance the social media integration, here is the case study from that event. (If your company needs assistance leveraging social media for its upcoming event please contact us about our Event Organizer Services as we will be able to create and execute a strategic plan that will help you understand how to best use Social Media to measure the success of your event and reach your event goals. )

He listed several benefits of signing up to the newsletter including providing exclusive discounts and/or free giveaways to the most sought after social media related events / conferences in and around the North East. If you are not a member yet, signup to the BostonTweetUp newsletter now.

In this weeks video Joselin showcased many new events and organizers that he has personally connected with during the past week so that you have the inside scoop on what’s happening event-wise and who you need to connect with. Here are a few people who are doing some awesome things :

  • (links below video)
  • Jake from #GeekEnd,
  • Persia from @SocMedSoc,
  • Chelsea of @MusicPound, working with @CollegeFest & @KrazyKulo @ClintonSparks of Jamn 94.5

Lastly, Joselin is working on the 1st book on Tweetups! He posted the first drafts of the Book Cover on his Facebook page and it has caused quite a stir and active discussion.

As always we are looking for talented twinterns, Fee, one of our Twinterns, explains the benefits of being a BostonTweetUp Twintern!

Please let us know what you think. Leave comments below.

If you have any further questions about any of the events, feel free to contact us at info[AT]bostontweetupDotCom We will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Here is this week’s video.

[viddler id=6dcf52d5&w=437&h=370]

(Note: Tweetups are highlighted in Red & Non-tweetups in Green)


(0:15) Joselin Mane

What’s New

(1:05) BostonTweetUp New Logo

(1:17) MicroArts BostonTweetUp Logo Design Winners

(1:23) Newly Branded from MicroArts BostonTweetUp Twitter Page
(1:29) Newly Branded from MicroArts YouTube Page

* Networking 2.0 Book Cover Designs

(2:48) Join the BostonTweetUp Team

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