5 Unique Things for Venues to Do Before a Networking Event

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Want to learn how to build your presence both online and offline to help grow your personal brand and leave a long-lasting impression?

Wonderful! Because in this post we will highlight five unique things for you, as a venue-marketing manager, to use and utilize both online and offline before your next networking event. .

It’s important to be creative and differentiate yourself from the competition so that you can become more memorable and therefore have event guest coming back for more (for something other than a networking event). So here are some unique things you can do before a networking event that will make your venue stand out and be more memorable.

The first thing you want to do is:


Most people will assume that the only venues worth booking events in are restaurant or bars. But think outside of the box. If you are a venue that has an open space for renting, then make sure to utilize it. You dont’t have to be a bar or restaurant to be able to book an event, events can happen almost anywhere, at gyms, boats, parks and even spas. So if you’re venue space is different and nonconventional, use this to your advantage!

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Here are a few things worth noting:

  • If you are a brand new venue, booking an event can get you more exposure. You’re a new space so your clientele may not be as large as others. But once you book an event, you will gain more visibility and new potential clients for your venue space.
  • If you are a bar try to book your events on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. These are typically the slowest nights, so as an event venu manager, you can work more directly with the customers. And working directly with the customer will earn you more likability, credibility and trust. Which can then turn them into loyal customers.
  • If you are a locally owned, take advantage of the flexibility this allows you. This will give you more leeway to make special offers and discounts for the event that you are booking, because you don’t have to “check with corporate.” Making special offers can make all the difference in whether or not your venue space is chosen for the event.


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Now that you’ve booked the event, you want to promote the event that is taking place at your venue. So go onto your Facebook or Twitter and let your following/community know about the event that you will be hosting (make sure to use the event hashtag, of course). Once you’ve done that, you can create special rewards for event attendees to get them excited about going to your venue space for the first time (or second time). You can do things like:

  • Create rewards for check-ins on apps like FourSquare.
  • Create an interactive photo contest (like in the photo example above)

Rewards for check-ins will serve as an incentive for people to visit, and it will amp them up about your venue.


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The appearance and layout of your venue can make all the difference in whether or not event attendees like or choose to revisit you. So whatever your venue space may be or wherever it may be located, do unconventional things that will make you stand out and make your guests feel welcomed. It’s more than likely that if you have a nice layout, people will want to come back. So provide a relaxing and enjoyable scenery/environment that will wow your guests and will make them want to stay. You can do thing like:

  • Decorating and creating an inviting atmosphere.
  • Laying out comfortable seating
  • Providing nice lighting
  • Having trendy furniture
  • Hanging up paintings or photography
  • Creating eye-catching décor

Remember, first impressions always count so make an eye-catching, wonderful, and inviting one. It’s also important, when you’re decorating your venue, to do things that will highlight the event. For example, displaying some sort of signage that let’s the guest know what they are there for. This will promote both you and the event.


Photo credit: NHLTweetUp
Photo credit: NHLTweetUp

If your event is looking to have food/beverages be provided by the venue, then do things that will make your space stand out from everyone else’s. This can make all the difference in whether or not your venue is chosen for the event. You can do thing like:

  • Creating special menus tailored for the event.
  • Create discounts and deals on foods and beverages with the event organizer. Like we mentioned earlier, making special offers and deals with the event organizer can make all the difference in whether or not your venue space is chosen for the event. And whether or not they decide to rebook an event.
  • Posting your menu on Facebook so that event attendees know what kind of food/beverages they can expect.

Do your best to cater to the event organizer and event attendees so that you leave a great impression.



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Make sure you have create business cards, prior to the event, that highlight not only your contact info, but also all of your benefits. Include your name, number, email, and the different types of functions, discounts, and food you offer for booked events. You never know who may love your space or who may be considering booking or returning to your venue.

So what do you think? Try some of these tips out next time your venue is hosting a networking event and let us know which ones worked for you, or which ones didn’t. And leave your comments below.

Next week we will discuss what you, as a venue-marketing manager, can do to build your personal brand and leave a great impression.

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