5 Unique Things for Venues to Do During a Networking Event


Branding your venue is crucial, especially if you want to build new clientele and develop returning customers. So to help you stand out from your competitors, find ways that will make you more memorable in the mind of the consumers.

Think about it if you’re hosting an event in your venue space you’ll already have guests at your location for at least a couple hours, so why not take advantage of the situation and win them over?

Here are some tips you can use to make your venue stand out during a networking event:


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Displaying you menus on the table, behind the bar on a huge board, or above the counter will allow you to promote your food, beverages, and services. This will give the guests a good sense of what you regularly offer, it’s also a way for you to highlight your best offers, favorites and specials. Be creative and place these menus in locations that event guests will take note of or in a place that will capture their attention. Chances are if they see something on your menu that they like, they will more than likely return to your venue to try it out.



Photo credit: BostonTweetUp. Taken at: DWC July 2011

Create a welcome sign for guests to view and admire upon arrival. This is the perfect chance for you to display any promotions or discounts you may be offering, and of course it is a great way for you to greet and make your guests feel welcome. Welcome signs in front of your venue will urge guests in and spike their interests. Just make them unique by highlighting your specials so that event guests will want to come back for whatever your special offer is.


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Creating center pieces for your venue is a cute and easy way for you to become more memorable. At the end of the networking event, guests have the opportunity to take home with them a little piece of your venue- something to remember you by. This is a good tactic to use if you want your event guests to remember you.



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If you are having a lecture or speech at your venue, then provide your guest with any tools necessary. Tools like pens and notepads where guests can take notes and use during the event. Just make sure you name is embedded onto all of the tools so that event guests can remember that your venue was the location that this event took place. You can also provide additional tools like napkins, sugar packets, plates and cups (with your venue’s name on them) if there is any food or beverages to be distributed. The more you can get your name in the mind of the consumer, the more likely they are to remember you.



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Creating rewards for check-ins is a fun way to get people to come in and enjoy your venue space. Who doesn’t like free stuff? You can create rewards on apps like Foursquare, which can then be shared via Twitter and Facebook to promote your venue and establishment. Having rewards will encourage guests to attend or re-attend your venue, because they will be getting something in exchange for having had giving you their business. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Take the time to craft things that will make your venue more memorable. Because the more people remember you venue, the more they will boast about it, and the more you will receive exposure and business. Next time you have a networking event to host, try these things out and let us know how they work for you. As always leave us a comment below and let us know what you think.

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