Strategic Fundraising Boston: Leveraging Social Media & Events– A BostonTweetUp Review

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An informational breakfast exclusively for non-profits today’s event, Strategic Fundraising: Leveraging Social Media and Events, shared insights on social media, fundraising, and event planning to help guests make their events a huge success. Kicking things off were hosts and speakers Sara Steel-Rogers Taylor (@SaraASR) from Event Brite (@BriteBoston) and Taylor Corrado (@TaylorLCorrado) from @HubSpot.

Starting off with a complimentary and an informatory breakfast provided by @RitzCarlton and then moving on to an interactive workshop, this event covered things from SEO to Twitter optimization.

Some of the other topics covered included:

  • An overview of inbound marketing and what it means to be an inbound profit.
  • How to optimize website and SEO strategies to drive in traffic.
  • How to use Facebook, Twitter and other tools to maximize results for nonprofit and fundraising events
  • Social media recommendations to implement before, during, and after an event.
  • How to use scheduling, analysis, and optimization tools to help you drive performance.
  • How to use EventBrite towards your fundraising goals.

Rogers and Corrado provided great insights on how to optimize websites by using photos, calls to action, off-page SEO and on-page SEO. All things to help your organization build authority, a higher SEO ranking, and drive in traffic. As well as insights on how to maximize social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to increase awareness and develop an audience, and the best times to share on these sites. Not to mention the advantages of using EventBrite toward your fundraising goals.

The event ended with an open panel followed by questions and answers.

It was great event loaded with helpful tips and tools to use!

We look forward to your next event!

More Information:

Host: @BriteBoston and @Hubspot

Venue: @RitzCarlton

Hashtag: #BriteNPO


Strategic Fundraising Boston: Leveraging Social Media & Events– A BostonTweetUp Review

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