How Networking 2.0 Can Benefit Event Speakers – Part 1


As a speaker you want to always feel prepared for any upcoming event. But more importantly, you want to engage and interact with your audience as much as possible.

Why? So that you can build credibility and get more speaking opportunities.

And a good way to do this is by leveraging Networking 2.0 skills before, during and after your event.

Note: Networking 2.0 is essentially the combination of the best practices of traditional offline networking with those of the new online social networking. (If you want to know about Networking 2.0, our co-founder @JoselinMane has a book for you)

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As the first post in a series of four, BostonTweetUp will be providing you with a brief overview on why it is important to effectively network yourself via social media so that you can gain visibility, engage your audience, and have them interacting with you at all times.

So now ask yourself: “How can I continue to connect and effectively network with my audience via social media, even after I am through with my speech?”

Well there are many things you can do. You can:

1) Incorporate networking skills before your actual speech via social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook

2) Include things like hashtags on your slides to keep your audience engaging and interacting during your speech

3) Provide web links after your speech so that you can connect with your audience even after you leave.

Just to name a few.

But, I won’t go into too much detail about these things. You’ll have to stay tuned into the rest of the series to hear about the rest.

But like I mentioned earlier, the main thing to remember is that, you want to stay connected with your audience at all times.


But don’t feel intimidated. It’s going to be easier than it sounds.

These tips will guide in effectively leveraging your social media platforms so that you establish yourself as a great speaker and so that people will want to look for you and choose you to speak at their events.

So whether you are an speaker for events, a motivational speaker or just a normal person looking to enhance your speaking abilities, this series of posts is here to help.

We want to hear from you. What do you do before, during and after a talk that has really helped you get more audience participation and/or get you more speaking opportunities? Please comment below and we will look to highlight you and your tips in upcoming blog posts.

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Photo credit: BostonTweetUp. Taken at 7th Annual MITX Technology Awards.

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