Meetup with Scott Monty Tweetup – A BostonTweetUp Review


The Digital Influence Group organized a tweetup for Scott Monty on Monday July 16th at Anthem in Boston from 6:30pm until 8:30pm close.

Who is Scott Monty?

Scott Monty is the Global Digital & Multimedia Communications Manager at the Ford Motor Company. He is from Boston, graduated from Boston University and has ties (if you know Scott – pun intended) with many Boston area Social Media Mavens. Scott Monty is also the first person to coin the term tweetup. Because of his responsibilities at Ford he hasn’t been back to Boston in over 5 years, so this was a chance for him to reconnect with all his friends from in and around Boston as well as finally connect with those friends he hadn’t met IRL (in real life) yet.

What happened at the event?

The event was really casual and was the perfect example of what a tweetup should be. And although many of the people there were twitter power users, there actually wasn’t that much tweeting happening because of the quality of the conversations. People connecting, reconnecting and building stronger relationships with one another. It was a great combination of familiar faces as well as people new to the social media scene in Boston. The event was on the top floor of Anthem, a venue in Faneuil Hall, which is easy to get to via public transportation as well as driving. There was plenty of food and of course plenty of conversations.

What made this event stand out was the awesomeness of the people who went! It was a who’s who of people who have leveraged Social Media in one way or the other. There were some best-selling authors, video personalities, Keynote speakers, etc.

We assigned the event with the #MontyUp hashtag to make it easy for people to talk about the tweetup via twitter.

Event Takeaway:

  • Know Objective:

    We’ll get some of the brightest minds in social marketing together for drinks at Anthem Kitchen + Bar in Faneuil Hall at 6:30pm. No formal agenda — just a couple adult beverages, apps and good conversation.

    This tweetup was great way to connect with others who work with social media in some form or another. I like the fact that it stated the “brightest minds” because essentially that’s what it was. However keep in mind that it wasn’t a requirement that everyone there be on every single social media platform as some of the attendees were there simply to network.

  • Great Food: This is almost always essential, especially if you want people to stay for a long time. The benefit of this for a venue is that it gives people a taste, pun intended, of what the venue has to offer. This is a great way to get people to come back to the venue especially if they haven’t been to the venue before.
  • Signage: We are a strong believer of signage. And even though it was a small place it was great to see clearly labeled signs that provided directions to the right area.
  • Venue Involvement: It was refreshing to see members of the venue actually in the room networking and making sure things went well. This is a surprisingly rare, however if done more often by venues, they will gain more business. Remember we do business with people and businesses we Know Like and Trust.

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