LunchSpotting 1.2 – Communispace – A BostonTweetUp Review

Photo credit: BostonTweetUp. Taken at LunchSpotting 1.2- Communispace
Photo credit: BostonTweetup. Taken at LunchSpotting 1.2 – Communispace

Lunchspot was a success!

With nearly 50 people present from Bostons Innovation Economy at Tuesday’s event, LunchSpot was a great time and a great way for everyone to get connected and acquainted.

“Connections matter!” says Scott Signore, CEO of Matter Communications. So to make connecting easier, LunchSpotting created the event so that it could be both casual and fun, while still remaining professional in a professional setting. From entrepreneurs, executives, VCs, media and professional employees, everyone seemed to be having a great time and finding new connections.


Host, speaker, and Communispace CEO, Diane Hessan, kicked things off with a welcoming speech to warm up the crowd, but then turned things over to everyone else so that event guests could begin to “make connections that might be able to help them right away.”



Everyone who was there was engaging, interacting, sharing stories, asking questions, sharing business cards, eating, and most of all having fun while networking!

From beginning to end #LunchSpot delivered.

Even ask Susan Battista, of Visual Dialogue, who was just there to have fun “meet people and find connections.”

The room was filled with buzz and excitement from the moment the guest stepped in.

Photo credit: BostonTweetUp. Taken at LunchSpotting 1.2 – Communispace

Event organizer, Mandy Mladenoff, was at the door greeting her guests and getting to know everyone on a first name basis, as she checked them in upon their arrival. This was a nice way to begin networking with new faces at her event, and a nice way to make everyone feel welcomed.

The only suggestion we would give Mandy is to have nametags ready prior to the event with the event guests’ name, occupation, and organization. Just to make things a little more easier and let things run smoother. But we totally understand the technical difficulties and the busy schedule event organizers have.

One of the cool things at the LunchSpot event was their fun, creative and quirky welcoming sign.The sign was displayed, like a giant scrabble board, so that as soon as you hopped off of the elevators and onto the floor, it grabbed your attention.

Photo credit: BostonTweetUp. Taken at LunchSpotting 1.2- Communispace.

It was a fun way to get people smiling, talking and networking! It gave people something to connect about as soon as soon as they stepped in.

What an attention grabber! Wouldn’t you say?

The venue location @Communispace accommodated the event very nicely. It brightly lit with round tables, so that conversation and face-to-face interaction was encouraged. With a wide open space right next to the neatly displayed food and treats, there was enough space for people to move around and sociale without feeling cramped and clustered.

And because the event was more of a casual event, with casual attire, and casual talking, this LunchSpotting turned out to be a positive experience for everyone.

We look forward to attending the next #LunchSpot event.

And if you do too, keep an eye out on BostonTweetUp’s calendar.

Next Lunch Spot event will be on October 30th at noon at Communispace’s Fenway Park Cafeteria.

More information:

Host- Diane Hessan, @CommunispaceCEO, @MatterComm, @MITX

Organizer- Mandy Mladenoff (@Mandyml)

Speaker- Diane Hessan (@CommunispaceCEO)

Venue- Communispace (@Communispace)

Registration- Sign up and RSVP in advance.

Twitter- #Lunchspot #LunchSpotting

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