BostonTweetUp TV, Episode #96, Jan 16 2011


In this episode Joselin Mane and co-host Christine Major @CMajor aka @NHTweetUp highlight the weeks events and this weeks 2 TweetUps and events in the Boston area. It still a very light week of events due to the holidays. However it’s just the calm before the tweetup/event storm that will most likely pick up soon. In this episode we not only talk about the MegaTweetUp again but also give you a chance to win a MegaTweetUp raffle prize!

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(0:17) Joselin Mane
(0:31) Christine Major
(0:33) New Hampshire TweetUp
(1:20) MegaTweetUp what’s that you say? Well here you go
(1:40) BostonTweetUp Calendar

(2:08) South Shore Innovation Ice-Melting Work Party
(3:34) #TronUp hosted by &

(4:38) JukeBox Heroes
(4:55) TweetUp Idol #SingUp hosted by
(5:45) TweetUp Idol #SingUp
(6:10) That’s #SingUp use that when you tweet

(7:12) Innovation Conversations for Early Risers hosted by of
(7:23) #TheCRLive Bedford hosted by &
(7:27) #HubSpotTV hosted by & with guest

Next Week
(7:37) #sojust hosted by of
(7:53) #sojust

Up Coming Soon
(8:16) #BosCMAD Boston Community Manager Appreciation Day hosted by #cmad
(8:33) #BosCMAD Boston Community Manager Appreciation Day
(9:23) Music Hall event here is last event details

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