BostonTweetUp TV, Episode #80, Sep 26 2010


In this episode Joselin Mane and co-hosts @CitysearchBOS & @kathbrooks highlights the 3 official TweetUps this week in Boston area including #MeetU one of many tweetups that CitySearch is hosting nationally. We also briefly talked about event names, how do they impact your decision to attend an event. We also highlight the first dog tweetup in the Boston area.

Please let us know what you think of the new format.

[viddler id=c09ee0a8&w=437&h=370]
Also here is a promo video for #MeetU (What do you think of it?)


Last Week
(0:43) Gdgt Boston 2010

(1:02) Christine Liu
(1:10) Katherine Brooks

(1:40) World Partnerships Open Mixer

(2:04) Boston Video Producer’s Breakfast @ Brightcove
(2:48) JobNob Boston 2010
(4:28) Most Epic Ever TweetUp Event info #meetu

(5:50) Farewell Red Sox- Hello @JSBSox hosted by
(6:12) 1st Nashua Barkup details #NashuaBarkup hosted by

(7:23) Boston Media Makers

Next Week
(7:50) 2 ticket give away Info Details coming
(8:06) Social Media for the Tech Challenged hosted by