BostonTweetUp TV, Episode #73, Aug 8 2010


In this episode Joselin Mane, reviews the another 4 TweetUps in the Boston area and highlights some of last weeks most interesting events including ##BSMT hosted by @GSPN and @FatherRoderick. This week we highlight #tweetngreet, #aug9, #StartupDrinks & #awarenessinc, tweetup which is part of a weekly @Thelansdowne Tweetup Tuesday series.

As usual we give organizers some tips on how to make their events easier to promote.

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Last Week Review

(2:46) #tweetngreet details in Providence RI hosted by
(3:08) #tweetngreet details
(4:39) #aug9 event details hosted by
(5:11) #aug9 event details
(6:32) #StartupDrinks event details hosted by

(7:06) #cm10fund Event details hosted by
(8:32) #awarenessinc event details hosted by

(9:18) Ignite Spatial: Boston 2 event details hosted by &

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