BostonTweetUp TV, Episode #70, July 18 2010


In this episode Joselin Mane, explains what a TweetUp is and their benefits as he goes over this week’s events. One of the biggest questions I get is what is a tweetup and what makes it different than a regular networking event.

Scott Monty, a Bostonian who currently works at Ford, coined the phrase TweetUp and the Social Media world hasn’t been the same since. I also ask you what your thoughts are.

What do you think when you hear the word Tweetup? Please comment below.

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(0:54) Scott Monty’s blog post on Mar 21 2007 (the first time the word tweetup was used)

(2:26) Social #Changeup

(4:22) Event Details – hosted by – #HellsKitchen
(5:04) Tweetup Tuesday / Boston Media Makers at Night details – hashtag #BMMNIGHT –

(6:10) Schmooze and Brews event details hosted by
(6:40) Social Wednesday! With the Boston Preservation Alliance event details hosted by

(7:19) BostonEco Tweetup July 2010 event details – organized by – At – hashtag #BostonEco – and featuring

(8:35) Friday Flicks Tweetup – Where the Wild Things Are! Event Details – hosted by & Hashtag is #wildthings

(8:55) 3rd Annual Booze for Boobies Event Details – hosted by – at – hashtag #b4b2010

Contact Info
(11:39) INFO AT BostonTweetUp Dot Com