BostonTweetUp TV, Episode #65, June 13 2010


This episode we interview Ben Knack Celebrity chef who is on this years Hells Kitchen and talk about the weekly #HellsKitchenBos tweetup We also interview Nina Dudnik @seedinglabs and Carrie Stalder @VentureCafe about the #IDTechup tweetup There are 7 tweetups this week, however they are only on Tuesday and Thursday.

Enjoy the show, and please let us know what you think.

[viddler id=11a80eda&w=437&h=370]

(0:12) Joselin Mane

Last Week Shout Out
(1:02) Thanks Jim O’Neil from Microsoft
(1:17) Info on Give Camp

(1:35) DownTown Women’s club info
(1:53) Details about Web Inno
(2:14) Cambridge Enterprise Web 2.0 details

Tuesday (Today)
(2:24) Solo PR info
(2:35) Social Impact Circle details
(2:39) Shout out to Mark McCurdy
(2:45) Details about InnoBeer
(2:55) Shout out to
(3:07) All details here
(3:17) Details about BVBoston Tweetup
(4:07) Shout out to Ben Knack
(4:32) #HellsKitchenBos Tweetup details

(4:48) Open Coffee info
(4:51) Info on Greater Boston Business Networking Group Event
(4:57) Boston PHP An Agile/SCRUM Workshop event

(5:07) Girls in Tech event info
(5:16) Ultra Light Startup event details
(5:28) or
(5:40) IDTechup Event details can be found on
(6:27) Meet Who You Tweet Tweetup
(6:47) Here’s the link
(7:04) Info on BBB tweetup

Future Events
(7:59) Here is info on Boston Craft Beer Tweetup
(7:46) Southern New England Media Makers event info
(8:14) @Mashable Social Media event info

Special Interview Section

#HellsKitchenBos Tweetup Interview
(9:49) #HellsKitchenBos Tweetup details
(10:33) Actually #HellsKitchenBos it’s a bit shorter

#IDTechup Tweetup Interview
(12:56) Nina Dudnik
(13:07) Carrie Stalder
(13:51) #IDTechup tweetup details