BostonTweetUp TV, Episode #64, June 6 2010


In this episode of Boston TweetUp TV Joselin Mane interviews both Thomas Edwards @URwingman and Christina Inge @Christinainge as well as go over a tip on how to best leverage Facebook when promoting your next tweetup.

Thomas speaks about the second #WingUp and how he is using this tweetup to begin promoting his upcoming launch and Christina discusses AMA Boston’s 2nd Tweetup #AMABTU

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(0:12) Joselin Mane

(1:58) #Wingup Details
(1:43) Thomas Edwards
(2:16) Dave Matson
(2:18) SEO Internet Marketing Meetup details
(2:27) There are 5 events at 6:30pm on Monday

(2:39) Jason Calacanis Founder Weblogs Inc., TechCrunch50, This Week in Startups &
(3:00) Info about Startups Meetup
(3:15) Ben Knack aka BK can be found as well as

(3:50) Free Co-Working at WorkBar details
(4:42) All the details for Entrepreneur Summer Launch Party
(4:04) Matthew Webster Drink a Better Brew
(4:02) Which generally means good networking opportunities
(4:11) Shout out to Ja-Nae Duane
(4:41) Shout out to

(4:53) Shout out to Joe Cascio
(4:59) Also special shout out to Stephen Dill who got it all going
(5:42) ALPFA
(6:01) Shout out to Peter Shankman
(6:04) Shout out to
(6:09) Event info
(6:19) AMA tweetup details

(6:39) Shout out to
(7:05) New England Give Camp details
(7:28) Awesome Foundation Fellowship Party for Grassroots Mapping (BOS)
(7:52) Shout out to Mike Petroff
(8:14) All the information you need for Boston Marketing, Social Media and Education tweetup

Special Interview Section
(10:00) Thomas Edwards
(10:59) #WingUp event details
(13:48) Go to register or follow the #WingUp hashtag
(14:44) Christina Inge
(15:24) AMA Boston 2nd Tweetup details
(16:00) Margaret Donnelly – VP Marketing and Business Development
(16:55) To follow along #amabtu