BostonTweetUp TV, Episode #28, September 20, 2009


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Video Index
(1:02) Here’s the TrustAgents Poll
(1:30) Steve’s funny story
(2:20) Sorry it’s Lois not Louis and Lois Ardito can be found &
(2:38) Probably not as fun as being called He vs She … Sorry Lois, I would blame the interns but their off this week. ;-P
(2:53) Poll results here
(3:18) Margery Stegman can be found and
(3:27) Thanks for the comments Jayna Dinz
(4:03) Christine Perkett
(4:10) Here’s blog post
(4:41) Chuck Tanowitz
(4:55) Here is Solo PR Re-Explained
(5:44) Open Coffee info
(5:47) Pokin Holes event info and view past events
(5:51) For past shows
(6:02) Business Networking at Aloft (Lexington)
(6:06) It’s Stephen Labuda from Sorry Stephen for mispronouncing Last Name
(6:50) Shout out to James Coletti
(7:00) Shout out to
(7:06) This video explains all
(7:29) Emmi Sorokin
(7:35) Watch the funny exchange in video / outfit 3
(7:40) Emmi explains it here
(7:43) Sign up for event here
(7:48) Shout out to my tweeples
(7:50) The two Mikes &
(7:54) And of course Stuart the preppy Foster
(8:04) Send an email to for the man you feel should be made over
(8:19) MassTLC 2009 Innovation unConference details
(8:40) not as fast as the smooth transition that you are about to see
(8:46) Very smooth huh? I know you liked it!
(8:54) Fashion TweetUP
(8:58) Shout out to Michelle M McCormack
(9:21) Shout out to Boston’s own Social Media American roots music band Singer Amy Black
(10:21)We will love to highlight your tweetup send us a DM (Direct Message) if we are not following please @reply us!

  • Thanks again for helping me fill my Social Calendar. See ya at the Fashion TweetUp!

  • Not to worry about the Louis vs. Lois or the he vs. she….wasn’t the first time it has happened!
    Still nice to meet you and I’m sure we’ll see each other again at a future event.
    Nice wrap-up.
    Lois not Louis

  • Hey, I found your blog with bing.. gonna bookmark this 😉