BostonTweetUp TV, Episode #28, September 20, 2009


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Video Index
(1:02) Here’s the TrustAgents Poll
(1:30) Steve’s funny story
(2:20) Sorry it’s Lois not Louis and Lois Ardito can be found &
(2:38) Probably not as fun as being called He vs She … Sorry Lois, I would blame the interns but their off this week. ;-P
(2:53) Poll results here
(3:18) Margery Stegman can be found and
(3:27) Thanks for the comments Jayna Dinz
(4:03) Christine Perkett
(4:10) Here’s blog post
(4:41) Chuck Tanowitz
(4:55) Here is Solo PR Re-Explained
(5:44) Open Coffee info
(5:47) Pokin Holes event info and view past events
(5:51) For past shows
(6:02) Business Networking at Aloft (Lexington)
(6:06) It’s Stephen Labuda from Sorry Stephen for mispronouncing Last Name
(6:50) Shout out to James Coletti
(7:00) Shout out to
(7:06) This video explains all
(7:29) Emmi Sorokin
(7:35) Watch the funny exchange in video / outfit 3
(7:40) Emmi explains it here
(7:43) Sign up for event here
(7:48) Shout out to my tweeples
(7:50) The two Mikes &
(7:54) And of course Stuart the preppy Foster
(8:04) Send an email to [email protected] for the man you feel should be made over
(8:19) MassTLC 2009 Innovation unConference details
(8:40) not as fast as the smooth transition that you are about to see
(8:46) Very smooth huh? I know you liked it!
(8:54) Fashion TweetUP
(8:58) Shout out to Michelle M McCormack
(9:21) Shout out to Boston’s own Social Media American roots music band Singer Amy Black
(10:21)We will love to highlight your tweetup send us a DM (Direct Message) if we are not following please @reply us!