BostonTweetUp TV, Episode #107, Apr 3 2011


In this episode Joselin Mane talks about the week of events as usual. This week its all about conferences with at least 6 different types of conferences happening of various sizes. Some have tweetups associated with them other currently don’t. We believe it’s always good to have a free networking event associated with a paid event so that information about the conference gets shared to non-conference attendees.

There are many events to choose from so here is this week’s video.

[viddler id=6cd63508&w=437&h=370]

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(0:13) Joselin Mane

Last Week Recap
(0:44) Boston Media Makers
(0:58) Efactor
(1:10) Austin 2 Boston (SXSW recap event)

Major Conferences This week
Mon-Wed (1:59)
Mon-Wed (2:14)
Thr-Fri (2:25)

(3:45) GaggleAmp Launch Party
(4:12) SocialC20 Tweetup
(5:30) Boston South Networkers 1’st ever networking event
(6:06) Skillshare: Leveraging Social Media for Social Change

(7:23) BtoB NetMarketing Breakfast – Boston
(7:37) Networlding Boston – Spring Forward with Joan Schneider, Launch Guru!

(8:07) 2011 B2B Content Marketing Summit
(9:36) Fans, Friends & Followers
(10:51) DemoCamp – for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs

(11:32) The #Social2011 Tweetup
(11:44) Mobile App Startups

(13:21) BarCamp Boston 6
(13:40) SharePoint Saturday Boston 4

(13:21) BarCamp Boston 6
(13:56) Start Up Rise Up