Boston Tweeter Soiree Summer TweetUp – A BostonTweetUp Review


On August 26th at Wonder Bar in Allston, Boston After Six hosted their first Boston Tweeter Soiree Summer TweetUp.

What is it?

Boston After Six is an organization that hosts events in the Boston area held in the evenings, hence the name. The events that take place have ranged from social to professional events; themed parties to late night get-togethers. Also provided are discounted tickets to some of the most popular venues around Boston. Boston After Six also helps organizers and corporations with event planning and promotion, product distribution and advertising/branding.

Their sponsors are popchips, Cynthia Britt, and Express Relaxation. Popchips provided bags of chips to attendees and booklets describing what Boston After Six is about. Press partners are SumoSkinny and Nightly Wingman and venue partners are Guilt and Splash.

What was it like?

When I got there the tweetup was just starting. Introductions were being made and about six people were there (including myself and the host). The venue was great. Wonder Bar is a great location: right next to the T (Harvard Ave stop on the B train of the Green line) and it’s on one of the main streets in Allston, making it a great place to have a meetup. Only downfall is the lack of available parking.

Where is everyone??

I was not able to stay the whole duration of the event but from what I witnessed, not many people showed up. One needs to remember that this is the first tweetup they’ve held. A lot of time and dedication goes into planning an event, especially a tweetup. Of course, advertising for the event is a major contributor to the amount of people there, something to keep in mind when planning a tweetup.

Whatever the reason as to why the attendance was low, it was a successful event. Music was right, food was free, people were friendly. Hopefully more people will come out the next time Boston After Six has a tweetup.

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