Cocktails in Boston – A BostonTweetUp Review


On August 2,’s Cocktails in Boston event was held at Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge. For those who attended, it was a chance to network and mingle with people working in the media industry, including writers, editors, TV producers and anyone in the film, newspaper, magazine and radio industry.

“Our mission is to provide opportunities to meet, share resources, become informed of job opportunities and interesting projects and news, improve career skills, and showcase your work” ( This site and the event offer so much for those looking to expand their knowledge about the field they work in and neighboring fields that may pertain to their interests. Truly a one of a kind site, their heart and soul is founded deep in the idea of networking and meeting people who may help you in your career.

Why should you go?

If you are a writer or working in multimedia- whatever your job may be- this event is intended to bring y’all together to meet and make connections. is driven to network and connect everyone who is involved with media. “We are the helping hands,” said Melissa Pocek, a freelance writer and the host. “I wanted to provide an easier way to network with people in the same city with the same interests. A laid back atmosphere is what I wanted to provide for the event.” Expect to come away with more passion for what you do and a lot of business cards.

What was it like?

The people were laid back and very friendly; willing to spark up a conversation with any and everyone. There was a very good amount of people at the event for a rainy day. This tends to happen when the weather is less than desirable: people don’t show up to events.

Middlesex Lounge provided chips and two types of dip for the attendees, something not many other venues will do. The staff was constantly checking in with Pocek and making sure everything was going accordingly; something one does not see often. “The people working the event made sure everything was okay- they even asked about the music and its volume!” said Pocek. Middlesex Lounge also gave her two free drink tickets- something no host could refuse!