5 Unique Things for Speakers to Do After a Networking Event


There are various unique things you can do after an event to help you become more memorable.

It’s important to remember that in order for you to gain visibility and credibility, you need to leave a great first impression.

So to help you make this impression, we will highlight five things you can do after your next networking event.


Remember SpeakerFile? Well the great thing about Speakerfile is that it allows you to go into your profile and upload sample talks. This will increase visibility and build authority for your expert profile.


Speaker rate is a great way to increase visibility. It allows event organizers to find speakers, learn about talks they’ve given in the past, and determine who would be a good match for the event they’re organizing, it allows event attendees to provide constructive feedback, track the talks they’ve attended, and research upcoming talks that they might attend, and it allow event speakers to get valuable constructive feedback directly from attendees and find out how they can improve their content and delivery for their next talk.


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If you took any videos of your presentation during the event, you should consider posting these on either on your youtube channel or your blogs. This will raise your enhance your exposure! It is also a way to quickly recap your presentation for event guests and for those who could not attend.


Photo credit: BostonTweetUp. Taken at: #BriteNPO

Follow up and reconnect with event guests or event organizers. Use the event hashtag on Twitter to search for the event to see who has mentioned you. You can reconnect and build a relationship by either retweeting them, favoring the tweet, or by sending them a direct thank you.

#5 VSnap
Vsnap will allow you to record little, personal video messages on any device then share them via social media or email. It’s a fun way to make your guests feel special, and its a great way to get them to remember you by.

So which one of these tips will you put into effect after your next presentation? Leave us a comment below and let us know which tip(s) worked, or which tip(s) you want further expansion on.

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