5 Unique Things for Speakers to Do During a Networking Event

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Welcome back speakers,

So now that you’ve prepared and have started to develop a great first impression before the event, you want to remember to continue to leverage your skills so that you can continue to develop that impression.

During an event, you want to keep the audience attention and even grab the attention of those who cannot physically attend the event. So to help you grow your audience and be remembered, we will be show you five unique things for you to use during your next networking event.



Hashtagram is a cool interactive tool to use, which allows you to view Instagram photos, likes, and comments in real time. As a speaker you could potentially display your hashtagrams behind you as you are giving you speech, to show the guests what everyone is saying and sharing about the event and your topic of discussion. So while you are giving your presentation, the event guests will be able to interact and engage in on your topic of discussion by sharing photos and comments pertaining to your speech, and then see them live on the hashtagram board behind you.


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SketchNotes is a fairly new phenomenon that has brought an entirely a new fun and creative aspect to the formal presentation mode. Instead of just plainly lecturing and giving your speech, SketchNotes allows you to draw out a visual presentation including everything that you touch base on during your presentation. It is an aesthetically pleasing visual which allows event guests to not only hear your speech, but to see it as well. Having someone create a SketchNote for you during your presentation can make you stand out and can make your speech more interesting.


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It’s always a good idea take various pictures and videos during your presentation. Because then you can go back and incorporate these photos and videos onto your speakerfile, speakerrate, storify or other social media platforms. Recording your presentation during the event will allow you to share your content across various platforms so that you can gain more visibility and credibility as a speaker. It is also a good way to share your presentation with those members who cannot physically attend.


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If you are using any slides during your presentation you want to make sure that you incorporate your twitter handle on either the bottom right or bottom left of your each slide. This will make it easier for event networkers/guests to search for you via Twitter and to connect with you. It will also allow people to engage and interact with you during the event via Twitter, and it will allow guests to mention you in there tweets when they share things concerning you and your topic of discussion.


It’s always nice to be prepared and have business cards ready to pass out. You can distribute these cards to event organizers or event guests during the event, to potentially be considered for future events. If you want to be unique then include a QR code on your card. This will make it easy for even attendees to scan your business card, using apps like CardMunch, so that your info can be turned into a phone contact. It will also scan for your LinkedIn account so that attendees can connect with you via LinkedIn.

So speakers, next time you’re giving your presentation try out at least one of these tips.

If you want to learn more on what to do during an event or if you teach us a thing or two on what else can be done during an event, leave us a comment below.


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