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The 2010 MegaTweetUp 2 was Mega-Successful! (we have and will reveal the stats to prove it!)

This is the first post in a series of MegaTweetUp related spots that showcase and highlight the people, the brands and more importantly the lessons we learned while organizing this Mega event.

Ever since it’s inaugural event in 2009, the MegaTweetUp has been an annual showcase of the best of what Boston has to offer in the area of Social Media. Every year it strives to not only highlight the years most innovative TweetUps and the organizers that put them together but more importantly it is a Mega-networking event that helps connects people from a variety of different communities who are all interested in social media.

The MegaTweetUp is organized by Joselin Mane, who strongly believes in do what you do best and outsource the rest. Like last year, he assembled a fantastic team that surpassed all levels of expections for one Mega-Awesome event!

The MegaTweetUp MegaTeam (organized by before, during and after*)

*In an upcoming case study / how to we will discuss the importance of having a before, during and after team for tweetups & other events

Before Tweetup

Mega Awesome Volunteer (everything behind the scenes, event organizer, raffle prize collector, volunteer organizers, Queen of Awesomeness {you need one at every TweetUp!} everything needed before, during and now after event 😉 I highly recommend hiring her before she leaves Boston! )

Trish Fontanilla

Raffle Prize Collectors

Melinda Green

Melinda Green Cathy Huyghe
Graphics – Logo Design
Walter Elly Microarts
Graphics – Step & Repeat
Jamie Bradley Sophwell
Press Release
Business Wire Logo
David Gerzof Business Wire

During TweetUp

Ali Marlow Broadway Gourmet Logo
Ali Marlow Broadway Gourmet
Tess Gallagher Pardees Safizadeh
Tess Gallagher Pardees Safizadeh
Lois Ardito Play 140 Logo
Lois Ardito Play140 Team
Raffle Team
Nancy Gallant

Nancy Gallant

Guido Stein
Trish Fontanilla Guido Stein
Chad OConnor Joe Webster
Chad O’Connor Joe Webster
Greg PC Drew Bennett
Greg Peverill-Conti Drew Bennett
Aurora DeLuca
Steve Garfield

Bruce K Garber

Steve Garfield Bruce Garber
Steve Garfield MegaTweetup Coverage Bruce Garber MegaTweetUp Coverage
Social Media Control Center
Zach Cole
Zach Cole
Zach Cole MegaTweetUp Summary
Mara Martin DJ Switz
Mara Martin DJ Switz
MegaTweetUp Twitter Boston TweetUp Facebook
Mike DeFilippis Rachel Sprung
Mike DeFilippis Rachel Sprung
Mike DeFilippis MegaTweetUp Summary Rachel Sprung MegaTweetUp Summary
Abbey Niezgoda Valentina Monte
Abbey Niezgoda Valentina Monte
Lane Sutton
Lane Sutton
Lane Sutton MegaTweetUp Summary

Post TweetUp

Content Strategy**
Margot Bloomstein Rick Allen
Margot Bloomstein Rick Allen
** normally content strategy team is part of the before team, more about that in upcoming case study.

Did we miss anybody? We didn’t mean to, so please let us know! Send an email to info [at] BostonTweetUp DotCom Subject MegaTeam Thanks!

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